1 October 2011

REVIEW: Vivo Cosmetics

Hello All

As you've probably heard, seen, purchased maybe?, Tesco have launched a budget makeup brand by the name of Vivo cosmetics.

Vivo cosmetics were launched a few weeks ago, with prices starting as low as £1.50 up to £6.00. However trying to find these products (for me personally) has been a bit of a mission, but I eventually managed to find them after lots of driving to and from 3 different Tesco stores. So what products do I have from the Vivo range? 

 {From L to R: Volume Mascara in 'Black/Brown', Trio Eyeshadow Palette 'Be-Dazzled', Pearl Eyeshadow in 'Aqua Marine' and 'Electric Purple' and False Eyelashes 'Flutter'}

Volume Mascara  £2.59
Boasts spectacular volume for thicker lashes from root to tip

I do love a good mascara that brightens my eye and extends my lashes nicely, so when I received this I was very excited to try it out. Unfortunately for me after 3 coats of mascara, it really didn't work. I found the brush really difficult to coat my lashes individually, and although it did lengthen my lashes a little, it didn't give me the volume I desire. With it also being a black/brown mascara (different from my usual black), my eyes didn't look heavy, which sometimes black mascara can often do. This mascara also comes in 'Black' and 'Black waterproof'.

Trio Eyeshadow Palette 'Be-Dazzled'  £2.50
A contrast palette of sizzling shades that brings intense colour and sparkle for eyes that dazzle

The trio palette comes in shades that compliment and suit one another for that perfect smoky eye. They are all very well pigmented with a little shimmer and glitter, really nice for a glam night out. I also found the textures to be very soft, buttery which made applying to my inside arm (although yes it should have been my eyelid), very easy. However I did find with the black eyeshadow that it took a little longer to remove, but with a good makeup remover it does come off. What I also like about this palette is the step by step guide (on the back) on how best to apply the eyeshadows and work with the colours. I have never seen this before on any eye palette, but I think it's a fab way of showing consumers how to get the best out of their product. There are 4 other trio eyeshadow palettes; 'Sugar Plum', 'Graphite Glamour', 'Green with Envy' and 'Innocence'.


Pearl Eyeshadow - 'Electric Purple' & 'Aqua Marine'  £1.50 each
Stunning eyeshadow with intense colour pigments for a Pearl effect

Out of all the products I received, I absolutely love these two. Again, like the trio eyeshadow palette, they are very soft and buttery with a fab pigmentation. Although there is no glitter as such, these iridescent eyeshadows have a slight shimmer, which really do bring out the colour a lot more. There are 9 other pearl eyeshadows; 'Mink', 'Dusky Pink', 'Goddess', 'Golden Leaf', 'Espresso', 'Blue Lagoon', 'Black Sparkle' and 'Pale Gold'.


False Eyelashes 'Flutter' £2.00 - £4.00
Give lashes a fabulous flutter for a spectacular effect

I have to admit when I received the false eyelashes, I wasn't expecting it. I have never worn false eyelashes, as for me personally they would annoy me, and I would probably whip them straight off after putting them on. I therefore can not give a thorough review on this product, but I have kindly asked my brother's girlfriend to review these lashes; wear them and feedback to me what she thinks, as she wears false eyelashes everyday. But from my first impressions of these eyelashes they are really nice; soft, voluminous and lengthening. {I will update this blog post when my brother's gf has feedback}.

Overall Thoughts

From the selection of products I received, I really do like the range. I especially like the eyeshadows, as the pigmentation is really good, the packaging is great, and the products are inexpensive. Although the mascara didn't quite do it for me, that is not to say the product isn't great, as I truly believe it is, it's just doesn't agree or like my eyelashes!

When I first heard about Vivo cosmetics, I was really looking forward to seeing foundation shades, especially suitable for ladies with dark skin. But when viewing the entire range in Tesco, there are no suitable foundation shades for dark skin, which I find very disappointing. Although it is a new brand who are finding their feet within the market, I can only hope that perhaps one day shades suitable for ladies of colour will feature in the vivo cosmetics range.

So what do you think about Vivo cosmetics? Will you be purchasing from the range? Or will you be giving it a miss? I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

  PS: Although the products reviewed are samples, my opinions and thoughts are always 110% true and honest.


  1. I love Electric purple! I wish they start shipping worldwide

  2. Great review- I'm seriously thinking about trying out some Vivo products :) xo

  3. Nah I haven't tried them yet, I'm gonna look outfor the lipsticks as I love bold colours on my lips!

    Nice review.


  4. Thanks so much for this review! Miss VIVO xx