21 October 2011

Boudoir Prive - October Box

Afternoon All
Thought I would blog to you all regarding the October Boudoir Prive box, and whether or not my subscription will continue or cease as of today. . . .

As with the previous boxes, same baby pink outer packaging, with its magnetic open and close catch. Black tissue paper inside, wrapped with the classic pink ribbon, finished off with an ornate mirror seal.

. . And here are the products for the October 2011 box . . . 

  • Skincare: Cetuem 'Illuminating Mask and Creme de Lite (5ml samples)
  • Bodycare: Korres 'Quince' Body Butter (50ml)
  • Haircare: Leonor Greyl 'Huile de Palme' (25ml)
  • Fragrance: Memo Paris 'Les Echappees' (sample)
  • Lifestyle: Rose & Co Apothecary 'Rose Petal Salve' (20g - full size)
  • Makeup: Studiomakeup 'Liner Styler Pen Black' (1.1ml - full size)
 And you have probably noticed Boudoir Prive added a little extra; 'RMK Skintuner' invitation for Boudoir Prive members. This includes a complimentary skin consultation and a relaxing mini facial.

I will now go into a bit of detail about the products before concluding my 3 month Boudoir Prive trial.

Cetuem 'Illuminating Mask and Creme de Lite 5ml (samples)

Boudoir Prive wrote the following regarding this product:

Listed as one of the top 100 beauty brands by Harper's Bazaar, Cetuem is a breakthrough in skincare. These products will help you maintain a youthful complexion whilst brightening the skin and eliminating uneven skin tones.

I am in my mid 20s, and still believe I look pretty ''youthful'', I mean come on I got ID'd a few weeks ago for a lottery ticket - minimum age in the UK = 16!  That aside, using a product to lighten my skin and make me look youthful, for some reason doesn't quite sit right with me. I am not sure whether I will try this product, or give it to someone who is looking for a product like this? But I think for the time being I will sit on the fence with this one . . . {If I decide to try it, watch out for a blog post!}.

Korres 'Quince' Body Butter (50ml)

Since LondonLipGloss blogged about Korres and their lip butters, I have become hooked on this brand, so to see a Korres body butter in my October box, I was very pleased, until I sampled it. It smells very sweet, but leaves a lingering 'gone off' scent which I do not like. I'm very disappointed as I truly thought this was going to be fab. I do believe however that other boxes included either 'Guava' and 'Citrus', which I would probably have liked. 

 Leonor Greyl 'Huile de Palme' (25ml)

This product I can see being 1 of my favourites! When ever I wash my hair, I always pre poo {I will be blogging all about my updated hair care/routines very soon), and 1 thing I always put in my mix is natural oils. This product is ideal for my pre poo mix and I can not wait to use it. This product sure looks incredibly promising, and smells very fresh and clean, which is what I like. The product has solidified due to cold temperatures, which is easily rectified by simply putting it in a warm cup of water, until it turns to liquid. 

Memo Paris 'Les Echappees'

When I saw the packaging of this, I did think ''Ooo I think I am going to like this'', but when I sampled it, it just didn't quite like up to my expectations. If anyone can remember the classic CK (Calvin Klein) perfume, it smells very similar to that, apart from this leaves a lingering rustic scent. I can't say I will be purchasing this fragrance, but as always it's nice to sample new and different scents. {Please do bear in mind however that how I have described it is how the fragrance smells on me, but could smell different on you. Everyone's body chemistry is different.}


Rose & Co Apothecary 'Rose Petal Salve' 20g (full size) - £5.00

When I saw this I thought ''OMG lipblam'', as I am a sucker for lipbalm (think I have an addiction!). Not only is it a lip balm, but it can also be used on rough skin, tame eyebrows and lashes, basically anywhere that needs a little shine. It has a slight hint of rose scent (not overpowering, which is good), and for 20g there is a lot of product. As with any product I don't know about, I always read the ingredients, and unfortunately this product contains petrolatum, which I am not a fan so I won't be applying it to my lips. But it does contain beeswax, which is a great ingredient. As for the price tag (£5.00), I don't personally believe it's worth the money, as I truly believe there are better products that do a similar job on the market. Still a nice product, but don't think I will be purchasing when it finishes.

StudioMakeUp 'Line Styler Pen' 1.1ml (full size) - £12.00

I have never used liquid eyeliner, so to get this in the box, I am very intrigued. Boudoir Prive have also ensured the colour is black, which is pretty much a standard colour worn by the majority, and it's a full sized product, which is great. {I will at a later come back with a thorough review}.

Conclusion for October Box

Overall, I am quite happy with the box. As usual some great high end quality products, which are always a joy to discover and sample. However there are some products, which just aren't my cup of tea, and definitely will not be purchased in the future. I do feel this month, the box has perhaps tried to catered for both markets (the younger and mature generation), but I still feel it's 75% geared towards the more mature, which leads me onto my final question . . .

Will I keep my Boudoir Prive subscription or will I be waving byebye to it?

 . . . Unfortunately, it's the latter part of the question! This is a great box, with great brands carefully selected each month. But for 3 months on the trot, I have liked the products, but I don't love them all, or have I been 110% happy with everything. From the start of the Boudoir Prive journey, I immediately thought the box is suited for the mature, and I can't enjoy my box each month without having to pass on products unsuitable for me or just not to my liking. I don't mind giving my products away to my mum, or bloggers to try, but I just feel like I'm spending £10 a month, to essentially give half of it away. On those grounds alone, I will be unsubscribing from Boudoir Prive, and I will continue looking for a box that is more up my street, to my liking.

PS: This box was purchased with my own money, and my opinion is, as always, 110% honest, genuine and true.

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  1. I don't think i'll ever sub to Boudoir Prive... I don't like the fact that it's made up of brands I've never heard of, they could be anyone haha... I like glossybox purely because they use bigger brands and include products I actually want to try xx