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Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Monday, November 07, 2011
Hello All

Remember back in August I blogged to you about 'Latest in Beauty' beauty box, at the cost of £1 for 3 samples? Well I have since received my box (which I should add only took a few days to arrive), and although a tad late, I am going to review it for you all today.

The first obvious thing is of course the packaging; bright pink box. As many of you will know there are quite a few beauty boxes in the blogging sphere at the moment, and pink seems to be one of the popular colours. I don't mind the pink, especially as October is Breast Cancer Awareness, but I do think it would be nice to see a better mix, variety in beauty box colours. 

As this was literally just a sample box, with 3 selected products chosen by myself, my box upon opening was very sparse. This in turn had an impact on the box, which arrived slightly squashed, flat and creased (where the clever postman tried to fold it in half - nice one!).

The products I received were:
  • Blemish Complex 3 step system (sachets)
  • Burt's Bees 'Theraputic Bath Crystals' (44g sachet)
  • Mary Kay 'TimewiseLuminous Wear Liquid Foundation' (sachets)

My initial thoughts upon opening the box and seeing these samples were ''Hmm ok!'' I thought the samples would have been a little bigger, enabling me to trial a product for more than one day! With these samples, I personally didn't feel like I could really get to know the product unless I purchased the full size, which could be a waste of money. 
  • Blemish Complex 3 step system (sachets) - Never heard of the brand, so thought I'd give it a try, seeing as I suffer with the odd blemish. And honestly? I really was not keen. The satchets only allow for one application so it is impossible for me to judge the product making a difference to my skin.
  • Burt's Bees 'Therapeutic Bath Crystals' (44g sachet) - I love Burt's Bees, so when I had the chance to sample, I thought why not. It smells incredibly strong, like herbal, with lovely crystals. As for being therapeutic in the bath, I really wasn't keen.
  • Mary Kay 'Timewise Luminous Wear Liquid Foundation' (sachets) - I was very excited to try this, so when I did I was really disappointed to find it was a little bit too dark for my skin tone. It did feel incredibly smooth on my skin and not oily, which is always a hit with me, and its coverage is lovely. My mum used the two satchet samples, and she loves it. I am now being nagged ''Where is it from?'', ''Can you get me some?''
Overall Thoughts

Latest in Beauty have done their upmost best to ensure their customers have the opportunity to choose products they wish to sample. However the selection of products is somewhat limited, and the samples are not big enough to really trial a product for a long enough period, before purchasing the full size. Although the box contained samples chosen by myself, for £1 (inc. P&P), you can't really complain, I guess. Will I be ordering another £1 box? At this present moment in time, no. 

I should also add that Latest in Beauty have several other beauty boxes, which you can find out more here.
If you are interested in any of the above products,follow the links:
  • Blemish Complex 3 step system
  • Burt's Bees 'Therapeutic Bath Crystals
  • Mary Kay 'Timewise Luminous Wear Liquid Foundation 
PS: This box was purchased using my own money. As always my review is always 110% honest, genuine and true. 


Beauty Balm on 7 November 2011 15:24 said...

I picked up a sample box recently and was a bit disappointed but for £1 you really can't complain. I hated the Burt's Bees bath product! x

Serenity of Beauty on 7 November 2011 15:44 said...

@Beauty Balm - Yea, I wasn't keen on the box @ all :S, and the Burt's Bees is just heavily scented, and that's about it. It's a shame, as I do love Burt's Bees, but not this product :(.

Rachael on 7 November 2011 20:35 said...

I bet most of the £1 your paying goes upon the postage!

AngieBeautyBelle on 8 November 2011 01:44 said...

I loved the Mary Kay Timewise foundation i must say!! gave great coverage and smelled good, but agree about the Burt Bee's, smelt like Lemsip!! haha

Serenity of Beauty on 8 November 2011 02:16 said...

@Rachael - You know what? I think you're right.

@AngieBeautyBelle - Yes, the foundation is lovely (my mum loves it), I just wish there was a little bit more of the product, so it's more than 1 wear out of it! As for the Burt's Bees - haha that's a very good sum up of the product :P . . lol

TulipFields on 12 November 2011 21:09 said...

Mary Kay is sold by direct sellers, like Avon, I think. My aunt used to sell it- they had amazing pigmented shadows. I think the brand is more of a high-end brand, but shame its so hard to come by!

TulipFields on 12 November 2011 21:11 said...

Serenity, MK is sold via direct sellers, I think. My aunt used to sell it- their stuff is very good and more high-end, but also hard to come by
Still, ebay has everything, surely :p

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