19 March 2013

Freshskin by Elemis

End of last year I was lucky enough to win a giveaway that was sponsored by Elemis, and I was sent a huge parcel which contained the above beauty products.

I had never used Elemis products before but heard a lot about them since starting my blog back in 2011. At the time of receiving the parcel I was using other products which I wanted to finish first before starting to use any of the products in the Elemis goodie bag. 

The hamper included:

'Peachy Perfect' Gentle face wash
'Softly softly' daily Moisturiser
'Dreamy sleep' night time moisturiser
Make-up away cleansing wipes
'Deep clean' purifying face mask and 'Magical moisture' quenching face mask
'Tired eyes' soothing eye rescue
'Super boost' moisturising serum
'Loving lips' Quenching lip balm

At first glance I honestly did not know where to start but I figured seeing as I was coming to the end of the products I was already using and I was about to go on holiday, I thought I'd start with trying out the face wash, daily and night time moisturisers. I was panicking that I didn't have a toner but to be honest it doesn't really do much for my skin and I didn't want to use anything that would make my skin sensitive against the sun. Of course I have only been using these products for a few weeks but I will be doing a thorough review soon.

Have you tried Elemis products? 


  1. How fortunate that you posted this today - I just reviewed the Dreamy Sleep Night Cream - i absolutely love the scent of this and the Softly Softly!

    Both are reviewed on my blog www.facevaluebeautyblog.co.uk

    Love Zoe x

    1. Serenity of Beauty21 March 2013 13:46

      Yes, so far I am getting on with the cream really well. And like you said, it smells absolutely amazing :)

  2. MissGreenEyes21 March 2013 12:54

    I've never tried anything from them but have heard lots of good things.

    1. Serenity of Beauty21 March 2013 13:46

      Yes, I can see why they are very popular - really nice products. :)

  3. I love the look of this, ive heard so many good things about elemis! Pampered Prince always talks about this on his blog i really need to try them out


  4. Serenity of Beauty21 March 2013 22:56

    Yes, you seriously need to give them a try :)