11 November 2011

Friday Poll . . .

I came across this on Aimee Blogs..., and I actually enjoyed reading it. So I thought I would do my own for you all to read. So here goes . . .

1. Mood?

Feeling very bored, fed up, and at the end of my tether, due to being unable to find a full time job.This is partially why I began blogging, as it enables me to keep occupied, keep my brain ticking while I hunt around for a full time job, that I will enjoy doing.

2. If you could dine (for free) anywhere in the world tonight, where would it be?

Margarittaville 'Ocho Rios' in Jamaica. When I say ''You get your money's worth'' you really do. From my experience, eating in some British restaurants they can be a tad 'stingy' with the food, often leaving you thinking ''Is that it?'' But this place seriously does give you a proper plate of food, and the food is to die for. Everything is fresh, especially the fish, well cooked, tasty, just utter scrumptious.

3. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have 1 brother who is 23 months younger than myself. He is an absolute annoyance!

4. If your pets could talk, what would they say about you?

I don't have any pets, but I would really love a lil doggy; Jack Russell. And if it could talk, I suspect it'll say I'm a friendly, loving owner, who always treats s/he with great care, treats and hugs.

5. Which one do you follow most often, your heart or your head?

My head

6. What are three songs on your road trip playlist?

I have lots of songs on my ipod and CDs in my car, but the 3 songs that I'm constantly humming and singing are:

  • Tina Turner 'Proud Mary' - I wasn't even born when this song was released, and I absolutely love it. The minute it comes on, I can not sit still lol (it's the dancing bug in me :P)
  • Leona Lewis 'First time I ever saw your face' - I have always loved this song, and loved it even more when Leona Lewis sung this on tour when I went to see her last year. You could hear a pin drop when she was singing it.
  • Maroon 5 'Moves like Jagger' - I heard of the song ages ago, but ever since Marcus from the x factor sung it on the first live shows, it's constantly in my head
7. Would you consider yourself renowned or famous for anything in particular?

Hmmm eating too much chocolate, although I don't really eat that much anymore? Hmm, no actually, I am renowned for owning 55 pairs of socks! (sad and shocking, I know lol)

8. Your favorite place for dessert?

In Jamaica there use to be a Frozen Yogurt parlor, that literally had every flavour you can think of. It was absolutely yummy, and just utter gorgeous. There is also a place in Birmingham, UK called Bella Italia (restaurant chain). I have eaten at other Bella Italia restaurants, but for some reason the Birmingham branch Tiramisu always tastes fantastic, heaven!

9. Scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

The Haunting. I went to see this movie at the cinema with my friends, and we just thought it was going to be the typical silly scary movie, which you end up laughing at (how wrong were we!). We were actually petrified; the sound effects, and volume were turned up a lot louder than normal, which just made the film a lot more scarier.

10. Weekly goals:

Continue job hunting, nail the rest of the outstanding blog posts (12) and stop 'window shopping'!

You are more than welcome to do this tag. Would love to read your responses if you do it on your blog.

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