1 November 2011

REVIEW: Lumiere Cosmetics


A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from a company called 'Lumiere Cosmetics' offering bloggers the opportunity of sampling some of their products. I had never heard of this company, and from time to time (with thorough research) I like to try brands which are not so mainstream. So I put myself forward.

Lumiere Cosmetics are a US brand who specialise in mineral makeup. The products have been created to naturally enhance the best features of the individual, minimising any problem areas. The products are produced using ingredients which are skin friendly, and cater for all skin types, which is one thing Lumiere Cosmetics took into great consideration.

Before any sample was sent, I was given a questionnaire profile to complete, with questions, such as 'skin tone', 'skin type'. Immediately I thought this is such a brilliant way of ensuring the individual sampling the products, are suited and catered for their needs. I have never tried mineral makeup before, so I was very excited but curious to see what these products would be like. 

The samples I received are as follows:

2 powder foundations in 2 formulas; 'Deep Warm' in Cashmere and 'Deep Golden' in Veena Velvet. Lumiere have catered their foundations for different skin types, with different types of coverage and finishes:
  • Veena Velvet - normal to oily - buildable:light, medium, heavy = matte finish
  • Cashmere - all skin types - buildable light - medium = matte finish, with soft silkness
  • Luminesse - all skin types - buildable light - medium = silky glow finish, not shimmery
  • Flawless Face - normal to dry - medium - heavy = matte finish
As the questionnaire asked my skin type and skin tone, the samples I received were matched accordingly. However when it came to sampling the products, they weren't quite to the match of my skin tone. 

 'Deep Warm' in Cashmere 
'Deep Golden' in Veena Velvet

Unfortunately 'Deep Warm' is just far too light for my skin tone, and although 'Deep Golden' is almost a match, it leaves my skin looking very pale and 'ashy'. Other than that, these 2 powder foundations have great pigmentation, glide onto the skin with ease and have good coverage.

As for cost, Lumiere Cosmetics have a range of prices for different sizes; whether it be samples (like above) or an extra large jar.
  • Sample Bag 1/4 tsp - $1.00 = GBP £0.62p
  • Sample Jar 1.5gm - $2.50 = GBP £1.55
  • Large Jar 4gm - $12.00 = GBP £7.44
  • Extra Large Jar 12gm - $18.00 = GBP £11.16
{Prices converted using XE.com as of 28/10/2011. Please note exchange rates can fluctuate}
Second - I received 3 eye pigments; 'Divine', 'Ditto 07' and 'Neutral Plum'. One word = A M A Z I N G, I absolutely love these. I am not just saying that because they are samples, I genuinely do love them. The pigmentation is lovely, the glitter isn't too overpowering or 'in your face', and they go onto the skin with great ease. Some eye pigments I have found in the past are a tad difficult to remove, but these came off very easily and left no glitter residue.

L to R: 'Divine', 'Ditto 07' and 'Neutral Plum' {Natural Light}

L to R: 'Divine', 'Ditto 07' and 'Neutral Plum' {Artificial Light}

(According to Lumiere Cosmetics, 'Ditto 07' is very similar to that of MAC 'All Girl', what do you think?)

Prices for the eye pigments are as follows:
  • Mini Jar Sample 1gm - $5.00 = GBP £3.10
  • Large Jar 2gm - $8.00 = GBP £ 4.96
{Prices converted using XE.com as of 28/10/2011. Please note exchange rates can fluctuate}

And finally, I received 1 blush (Antique Brick) and 1 flawless finish (Sienna). When I first opened these, I wasn't too sure. But seeing them on my skin, I really do like them, in particular 'Sienna', which has a nice 'copper' glow, with a low shimmery sheen. On my cheeks, I can see both of these powders looking lovely, and really complimenting my skin tone.

L to R: 'Antique Brick' and 'Sienna' {Natural Light}

L to R: 'Antique Brick' and 'Sienna' {Artificial Light}

Prices for the blush are as follows:
  • Sample Bag 1/4 tsp - $1.00 = £0.62p
  • Mini Sample Jar - $2.50 = GBP £1.55
  • Large Jar 4gm - $12.00 = GBP £7.44
{Prices converted using XE.com as of 28/10/2011. Please note exchange rates can fluctuate}
Final Thoughts

Lumiere Cosmetics produce wonderful products to suit anyone (regardless of skin tone and skin type). I for one love the eye pigments and the blushes in particular. Although the foundation powders aren't quite for me (in terms of colour match), should Lumiere release darker shades, I'd happily try the foundation range again. Lumiere Cosmetics are a US company, but do provide international postal services at a reasonable cost (cheapest starting at $6.00 - GBP £3.73). Will I purchase any of the products? Definitely.
PS: Although these are PR samples, my review as always is 110% honest, genuine and true. 

Please Note: The postage has been converted using xe.com


  1. The blushes and the pigments look lovely! great review

  2. Love this review, the blushers look amazing! x

  3. Serenity of Beauty1 November 2011 14:39

    @Sidrah and Steph:

    The pigmentation of these products are simply beautiful. I was so surprised, and would recommend to anyone. They are cost friendly, with a great selection to choose from.

  4. They look great, I was sent a questionnaire to fill in, just waiting now :P

    Lucy x

  5. Serenity of Beauty1 November 2011 15:50

    @LucyLou - They are fab. I plan on ordering some soon :).

  6. Bettina@BeautySwot2 November 2011 10:37

    The blushers and eye shadows look really nice. The colours look so different from pot to skin - which is the more accurate thought?

  7. Serenity of Beauty2 November 2011 11:56

    @Bettina@BeautySwot - My camera and the lighting might be a cause for why they differ? :-) or it could be my skin tone, which makes them look different from pot to skin?? :-)