''I'm gonna wash that tea right out of my hair . . ''

Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Saturday, November 12, 2011
. . . .Yep you read the right, Tea! I can only imagine the bizarre expression on your face of ''Why?'', ''Huh!'', ''Eh!'', but fear not as I proceed to explaining all about it.

Some of you may or may not know that as of late, I am experiencing a lot of shedding and breakage, which my mum has put down to stress/anxiety, and recovering from an illness. Searching high and low on the internet and in hair shops for a product that could help stop this issue, I hit a brick wall until I checked out a hair care forum I visit daily. Reading through the forum, I came across a thread/group by the name of 'Black Tea Rinse'; intrigued by the title, I decided to read on.

Black Tea rinses (yes the one you drink everyday) is said to be incredibly beneficial in stimulating hair growth, minimising hair loss, breakage and shedding. Now I'm going to be honest, when I first saw this, I thought ''How the heck can tea seriously help alleviate these problems?'', ''What is so special about tea?''. Well it's all in the Caffeine! The caffeine property in the black tea stimulates the hair follicles as well as block the DHT (hormone responsible for hair loss). It slows down the rate of hair loss and shedding. (Hairlista, 2011).

Not only does black tea have benefits for the hair, but also other areas which might be of interest to some of you:
  • Minor cuts and grazes
  • Sunburns
  • Puffy and fatigued eyes
  • Tired feet
  • Facial treatment
  • Hair treatment
The way I have been feeling lately, I am up for trying anything regarding my hair (within reason, of course). I am going to be giving this method a whirl for a month or so, and see if it really does stop the shedding/breakage, and promote growth. So watch this space!

Have you ever used, or done something out of the ordinary on your hair, that you've felt is weird, but actually worked? Or would you be too scared to try something like this? Really would like to hear what you have to say.

PS: Shedding = Strands of hair with white bulbs on the root.
      Breakage = Broken pieces of hair without the white bulb. This can be caused by too  much moisture or protein.
(Hairlista, 2008)


Sian on 12 November 2011 10:33 said...

I've used tea on my hair before and I swear it made a difference to it. I suggested using tea to some friends and they thought I was insane. I recommend trying it though. :) xx

ClaireBumblingAlong on 12 November 2011 13:11 said...

I'll be really interested to see if helps with growth. I'm currently growing out a really short style and have got it to shoulder length in a year, which isn't bad.
When i had short hair and didn't want it to grow, i had to get it cut every 2-3 weeks and now i want it to grow it seems to be stuck :/ xx

Shereen on 12 November 2011 18:56 said...

I tried it before but I didn't see the amazing results I've heard some ladies speak about. I know tracy from k.i.s.s had some good results from tea rinses you should check her out. Coffee rinses are meant to be good aswell.

*My Healthy Hair Journey on 12 November 2011 21:44 said...

Very well written article. Anyway I'm looking forward to trying black tea rinses eventually. Does Orange Pekoe tea count for a black tea rinse? That's all I have at the moment. Looking forward to seeing your progress with it.

Sarah on 13 November 2011 22:09 said...

PLEASE try this, I'd love to know! My hairs shedding loads from hormonal problems, yeuch! x

Serenity of Beauty on 14 November 2011 00:47 said...

@Sian - Yes, I mentioned it to my mum, and she looked at me like I was raving crazy! lol

@ClaireBumblingAlong - I will let you know with an update when I have done it for a reasonable amount of time

@Shareen - Ooo thanks for your feedback. I didn't know about the coffee, but it's caffeine, so will still be as good. Will try that as an alternative if I don't have great results.

@Sarah - I will blog with an update very soon :)

Emma on 14 November 2011 14:24 said...

I've heard caffeine is great for stimulating the hair. I don't think it's that strange using tea on your hair, I have cans of John Smith in the house for that very purpose lol! I stink of beer, but it makes my hair so soft and shiny that it's worth it! x

Serenity of Beauty on 14 November 2011 15:23 said...

@Emma - John Smiths? lol I've never heard of the beer one. **Goes off to research** lol Thank you very much for writing about this. :)

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