NOTW - Rimmel London 60 Seconds '619 Pulsating'

Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As some of you may remember I went to Jamaica back in August for my Uncle's wedding, which was beautiful. And of course, wedding = new outfit, including matching accessories, and getting the nail polish colour right. My dress was a gorgeous cerise/purple'y colour (this colour to be exact, not the red - not the dress I wore), and this polish was an exact match. 

First thing I will say is this nail polish does not like hot weather! It took me a good 30-40minutes to apply the polish, and wait for it to dry, as the minute the brush came out of the bottle, and reacted to the heat in the air, it started to dry. Not good! But I managed to apply it, and the polish lasted my entire holiday thereafter. Of course, with the nail polish turning to 'mush' whilst on holiday I was going to bin it, but I thought I would try it again, see if it applied a lot better, to which it did (well it is cold right now in England!).

I applied one coat, and it did give the nails good coverage with a few streaks. I added another coat, which gave the true colour of the nail polish. When the light hits the nail polish, it is a gorgeous, vibrant, bright colour. I also thought this could perhaps work as a lovely festive polish, maybe adding a bit of glitter nail polish to the tips for the extra 'bling' factor? Although I was going to bin this nail polish, I think this one will be staying put (even if it doesn't travel 4000+ miles again!).

Rimmel London 60 Seconds '619 Pulsating' costs £3.68 and is available at:
  • ASDA
  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury's
  • Superdrug
  • Boots
  • Wilkinson

PS: All pictures include flash. Apologies for no natural daylight pictures, British winter weather very difficult to take pictures.


AllieUK on 30 November 2011 13:01 said...

I love the Rimmel nailpolishes, never realised it would be that hard to put on in the heat though! I heard if you go on hols, you are meant to keep your nailpolishes in the fridge haha

- Allie x

Allie UK Blog

Rachael on 30 November 2011 15:12 said...

Shame how the heat effected it - taking 40 minutes to apply would have driven me crazy! Lovely shimmery colour to it though

Serenity of Beauty on 30 November 2011 15:22 said...

@AllieUK - Ahh see now I didn't know that, but next time I go off on my jolly holidays and take nail polish, will definitely be putting it in the fridge.

@Rachael - It was sending me nuts, trust me! lol Thankfully, I wasn't rushing/late for the wedding, so had time to chill and soak up some morning sunshine :).

Chantel on 1 December 2011 00:30 said...

Nice color, perfect for Fall!

Discovering Beauty on 1 December 2011 07:44 said...

I love this colour, one of my favourites by Rimmel along with ‘wishing on a star’, and I managed to find them in the 99p store. Bonus!

Kristin on 1 December 2011 08:00 said...

Such a beautiful colour xx

Stephybabes on 2 December 2011 00:09 said...

This is my favourite favourite favourite rimmel shade and has been for years!

Stephanie xx

Serenity of Beauty on 2 December 2011 00:24 said...

@Chantel - Sure is a beautiful colour for this time of year :).

@Discovering Beauty? 99p Store? :O WOWZA - think I'm going to take a wee look in there, see if I can find it. Thanks for commenting with this info :).

@Kristen and Stephybabes - It sure is a beautiful colour. I think it is definitely one of my favourite polishes too :). {Even if it's not a kee lover of heat :P lol}

♥ Sadie ♥ on 6 December 2011 21:03 said...

Love this shade x

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