Montagne Jennesse 'Very Berry'

Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Monday, November 21, 2011
As of late I have developed a keen interest in face masks, so when I was contacted by Montagne Jennesse to sample a face mask, I embraced the offer with enthusiasm.  

Montagne Jennesse have developed a brand new face mask 'Very Berry', that is filled with the fabulous scents of cranberries and blueberries. Its primary goal is to cleanse and moisturise the skin, but also help troublesome skin, and prevent premature ageing. Another great added bonus to this face mask is the kernal oil, which nourishes, and aloe vera to soothe, keeping the skin rehydrated and moisturised.

Brimming with the juice of pressed blueberries and crushed cranberries, this delish masque is naturally rich in antioxidants. Vitamin rich blueberries help clear troubled skin, and yummy super-fruit cranberry boasts Omega’s 3, 6 and 9 plus natural oils help avoid premature ageing.
(Montagne Jennesse, 2011)

With the winter really starting to set in (which dries out my skin), and a sufferer of troublesome skin, I was very keen to try this product. As previously mentioned in my Origins post, I am often very dubious about trying products I am not so sure about, but this face masque did sound promising. 

What did I think?

Honestly? . . I quite liked it. The scent of the mask is incredibly fruity, packed with berries, which makes you want to actually eat it! The consistency is not watery, but nice and thick, and my skin felt incredible. My face was as smooth as smooth can be, and my face didn't look oily, but very cool and soft. I proceeded to doing my regular face routine, and I found my regular products sunk into the skin a lot better. I did find the mask tingling, which is standard for a lot of masks, and I also noticed a slight shimmer in the mask, which I thought was pretty cute. But I did think ''I hope the shimmer actually washes off'', which it did. Will I be purchasing again? Most definitely.

RRP for Montagne Jennesse 'Very Berry' is £1.01, available now in stores and can be found at the following places:
  • Montagne Jennesse
  • Asda
  • Boots
  • Claire's
  • Saver's
  • New Look

If you would like more information about this product, or the brand Montagne Jennesse, then click here
PS: Although this is a PR sample, my thoughts, opinions are always 110% honest, genuine and true.


Charlotte Elizabeth on 21 November 2011 11:50 said...

ooooh a new scent??
i love using these face mask, the strawberry one is one of my favourites, i will be trying this one out when i next go shopping.

are they out now?

AllieUK on 21 November 2011 12:18 said...

I think the Montagne Jennesse masks are great. If you are feeling bored or just want a wee pick me up, they are so cheap and fun to use!

- Allie x

Allie UK Blog

Rachael on 21 November 2011 13:26 said...

Is it bad that i've never tried a face mask?!

Serenity of Beauty on 21 November 2011 14:06 said...

@Charlotte Elizabeth - The sachet is available on the Montagne Jennesse website for £1.09, and is also available now in the stores mentioned on the blog post :).

@AllieUk - Definitely agree with you. I sure will be experimenting with more of the masks

@Rachel - Of course not :) I never had until recently.

Jade. on 21 November 2011 22:35 said...

Love these face masks, been using them since I was like 13 lol for the price they're fab!! xx

LucyyLou on 23 November 2011 20:33 said...

I've used these since I was 11? I love this brand, the only brand I really use over the LUSH facemasks :) I've had every single one.
Lucy x

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