Moisturiser Monday

Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Monday, November 28, 2011
The winter really has started to set in, and my poor skin (and hair) is now feeling the brunt of it; dry! Of course, I am now upping my usage of moisturiser products for my hair and skin, some of which I have found extremely good. I know there are some of you who too are suffering, so I thought starting from December 5th for 4 weeks, I am going to do a moisturiser series. This series will enable you to keep up to date with the products I am using, what I am finding most effective, along with recommendations. I will primarily be focusing on moisturisers for the body, and a few hair products.

So if you are interested in reading about good moisturisers for the winter snap, then make sure you check back December 5th 2011.

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AllieUK on 28 November 2011 12:04 said...

Love reading reviews on moisturisers, because unlike eyeshadows etc, you can't usually tell if they are going to work when you buy them!

- Allie x

Allie UK Blog

Rachael on 28 November 2011 13:55 said...

My skin can be really hit and miss with how dry it's being. My hands can get particularly dry though. Just started trying the ultrabalm product from Lush but i'm still a little unsure. Will look forward to seeing which products yourself and others recommend.

Sabrina on 28 November 2011 14:19 said...

amazing blog!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!!

Kristin on 29 November 2011 08:56 said...

This sounds like a fab idea. Im really looking forward to these posts xxx

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