20 September 2013

Friday Feature | Patent Purple Life

Yayyyyy its Friday and the weekend is almost here. And of course that means Friday Feature. Yes, I am back with another great post from the lovely Jo from Patent Purple Life. Hope you enjoy the post.


Huge thanks to Cas for agreeing to let me share her corner of cyberspace. Serenity of Beauty is a great name for a blog and when I was thinking about what makes me feel serene, one of the first things that I thought of was fragrance. I am a big candle fan, but recently I have gone a bit old school with a stoneware burner and essential oil blend from Neal's Yard.

The burner that I have is a beautiful mixture of the blue glazed bowl where you add the water and the essential oil blend and the unglazed stoneware which has a taupe/beige tone. It is quite understated so it does not clash with the decor in any room in the home. I always have a stash of tea lights in the cupboard so I have been using my burner very regularly.

The cleanse blend is a mixture of organic essential oils. The aromatherapy benefits of each of the constituent oils are:-

  • Black Pepper - energising Sage - relaxing
  • English Mint - energising
  • Palmarosa - calming
  • Lemon Peel Oil - cleansing

Blended together these oil create a fragrance that is, as Neal's Yard say cleansing. the lemon and mint are the notes that hit your senses first but the depth that the pepper and sage provide with the floral element from the Palmarosa make is a fragrance that you can burn all day. It is also quite a unisex fragrance, so after burning it all day, you will not smell like you have been running through a rose garden, but equally, does not smell like you have been cutting lemons. It is a fragrance that does not scream in the room, it is gently in the background providing a calming effect without making you sleepy.


It is also a great blend to do housework too. Generally, I don't feel serene when doing housework, but when this fragrance on the go, vacuuming, laundry and washing up seem to happen in double quick time!


Hope you've enjoyed this lovely blog post. If you wish to catch up with Jo from Patent Purple Life is up, then you can find her on twitter.

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