9 September 2013


A few weeks ago I received an email titled ''Steamcream Challenge''. Of course, curious to know what it was I decided to read further. A few days after reading and showing interest in what the challenge was about, a package* arrived containing a small sachet of oats, brown sugar, an empty tin container and a bottle with a pump top labelled 'TESTER STEAMCREAM'. I'm not going to lie, both my mum and I looked at each other and the ingredients and couldn't quite understand it. After some reading of the leaflet that came with the package (thank god), it became quite clear the purpose of the whole thing. Steamcream are trying to highlight that their product isn't just a moisturiser; it is a product that is versatile. Whether that be creating an invigorating sugar body scrub,  homemade BB cream or a gentle exfoliating face mask. I decided to give this a try and see how I got on.

Steamcream and Oats
The oatmeal infusion already present in Steamcream gently soothes sensitive, irritated skin and brightens skin tone whilst the added oats work to naturally remove dead skin cells leaving you with a glowing complexion.

When mixing the moisturiser and oats, I found it to be a bit of a 'faff', if I'm honest! A lot of product is needed in order to get a consistency which is able to 'hold' the oats together. An email came through a few days after the package arrived, and it was suggested to 'beat' the oats with a rolling pin to make them smaller so it would be easier to mix. My mum tried this and she agrees the rolling pin advice definitely works. The mask mum said left her skin feeling really soft and smooth, and she noticed her skin look much brighter too.

 Steamcream and brown sugar
The neroli oil within steamcream will soften dry, hard skin and leave it smooth to touch whilst the amond oil, Vitamin A and E strengthen and nourish dull skin for a naturally revived complexion. Incoportaing sugar will help to naturally remove dead skin cells, leaving it free from imperfections and soft to touch.

I am a fan of body scrubs; I do them at least once a week. Mixing together the steamcream and brown sugar, I needed a fair bit of product to get a reasonable consistency. On application to my body, I found this to be quite nice. My skin thereafter did feel smooth and smell really nice. 

Steamcream and BB cream

I opted not to do this challenge as I don't like BB creams, or the dewy finish which is what is described as the finishing look of adding steamcream to bb creams/foundation. However upon reading other reviews, this has proven to not be a fan with many either . . so I am not alone!

I had never heard of Steamcream until I read the email. Having tried the product in the various challenges, although it's great to have a product that is versatile, smells great and has a good consistency, I personally don't think I will be purchasing.

Steamcream RRP £12.95 and is available from:

John Lewis

*PR Sample


  1. I haven't heard of this before, maybe give it a go and see how it works :)


    1. Serenity of Beauty8 December 2013 13:05

      No, I had never heard of it either, so thought I would give it ago. Really was not keen tbh; too much hassle, faffing about with it! :/

  2. Oh I really fancy trying some Steam Cream. The scrub looks really lovely. I just made my first DIY scrub and I loved it so I'm on a scrub making mission!

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Serenity of Beauty8 December 2013 13:07

      Yes, it's nice to be able to DIY, but this I found a little too much hassle :/.

  3. Oh I love the sound of these, they're amazing :D I have a pot of steamcream but I've not used it yet :D xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Serenity of Beauty8 December 2013 13:07

      How did you get on with yours? Would love to know what you thought about it.