9 July 2013

Haircare | Neal and Wolf

When it comes to haircare products I am very 'picky'; with Afro Caribbean hair that is processed straight not just any ol product will suffice my haircare needs. When I first heard about Neal & Wolf, I had absolutely no idea who they were or what they offered until I turned to trusty ol Google. Finding out that they specialise in haircare products, I instantly searched to find if the products are suitable for Afro Caribbean hair. Seeing the products labelled with 'suitable for all hair types', I gained some reassurance and decided to try a few of the products.

A professional haircare range that combines the ultimate in product excellence with the ultimate in glamour... without the stunning price tag.
(Neal & Wolf, 2013)

As my hair is processed straight, it needs a lot of care and attention so I decided to choose 3 products which I felt would do my hair some good. I opted for:

Harmony - Intensive Care Treatment
Silk - Smoothing Blow-dry Balm
Guard - Heat Protection Spray

I have been trialling these products for 2weeks and I thought I would give you a quick review on all 3 products.

'' . . .Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation''

First impressions of the product - love the packaging; sleek, sophisticated and expensive looking. The product is in a soft easily dispensable tube, which ensures that you're able to use every last bit of product, without any waste. The top/opening is that of a flip top, with a reasonable size hole, allowing you to get an ample amount of product. I kid you not the product itself smells absolutely divine; musky but pleasant . .even my mum was curious as to what the smell was. The conditioner is white with a reasonable consistency. I found using this product to be really nice on my hair; leaving my hair incredibly soft and conditioned. I did find however that I needed quite a bit of product to saturate my hair especially the scalp ensuring that my entire head got a good dose of product. As my hair goes through a harsh process every 12 weeks (getting my roots done), it is important that I do an intensive treatment, to prevent hair breakage and dryness. This product I found to be very good at reducing the breakage, which is a problem I suffer with occasionally.

 ''  . . .Silk puts an end to tangles and frizz. Hydrating wheat protein complex provides moisture, balance and manageability''

There is nothing worse than fighting to dry hair which is tangled, knotted and just takes forever and a day to dry. I often find this is the problem with my hair especially when I have a ridiculous amount of growth (yes when the roots need doing), and I am struggling to pass even a brush/comb through my hair. Even drying my hair with an attachment is a mission! But with this product I found the whole drying process to be a god send. Usually with my hair is takes a good 30minutes to dry, but with this product it only took 10/15mins!

As with the treatment the product looks very expensive in its sleek, funky packaging. It is easily dispensable with an opening which makes it very easy to get product. The smell is very similar to that of the conditioner, although not exactly the same. But still smells absolutely gorgeous and pleasant. I used an ample amount of product, ensuring I evenly distributed from roots to ends, and turned to my trust ol' hair dryer. Within 10/15mins, my hair was dry; it felt incredibly soft, looked sleek and silky, felt moisturised and at last was manageable!

 . . . Guard defends your hair from the dangers of heat damage. Silk protein complex locks i moisture, protection against heat up to 220°c whilst a film-forming polymer guards cuticles from moisture loss during styling, keeping them soft and smooth. Meadowfoam seed oil gives hair a glossy and vibrant finish.''

I hate dry, frazzled hair ends and heat is the no.1 contributor to this. When ever I use a heat appliance on my hair, I always ensure there is some form of heat protector on my hair. The smell of burnt hair really isn't nice!  Anyway I digress. . . the guard heat protector, as with the other two products again lovely packaging, with a clear top and spray pump nozzle ensuring ease of distributing the product. I tend to concentrate on the ends of my hair as this tends to be where the frizz occurs. The smell of this product, again smells very similar to the other two products. I did find after use that the product did leave my hair very shiny and silky. But my hair felt moisturised but not to my satisfaction.


Overall, I think the Neal & Wolf range of products are lovely. They are inexpensive, care and condition the hair well, and are really lovely to use. I do believe however that with the 'Intensive Care Treatment', if you have a lot of hair and you like to saturate your hair with product to get a good treatment this product wouldn't last very long. Although that said if you're like me and you only do deep treatments once a month then perhaps the product may last for sometime? But on the whole I will definitely be 'topping' up my haircare products with a few Neal & Wolf items especially the 'blow-dry balm'.

Harmony Intensive Care Treatment* 200ml £12.95

Silk Smoothing Blow-dry Balm* 200ml £11.95

Guard Heat Protection* 150ml £10.95

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*PR samples

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