16 July 2013

ChapStick Lip Balms | Strawberry and Apple

Style icon and The Hart of Dixie actress, Rachel Bilson has revealed she wouldn’t be without her ChapStick® SPF15.
In a behind the scenes interview, the flawless brunette explained when it comes to her beauty regime she likes to keep things simple.

"My desert island must is ChapStick with SPF in it", she explained

''ChapStick® Flavours, a range of fruity lip balms containing SPF15, are the perfect pocket-sized lip saviours, packed full of moisturisers – ideal for when you’re lounging on the beach. Derived from ChapStick’s original, protective formula including moisture-rich Vitamin E, ChapStick® flavours are the perfect, summer addition to your beach bag for keeping lip perfectly poutable all day long. Slather on some ChapStick® in Apple, Cherry or Strawberry flavour with SPF for gorgeously hydrated lips that are protected from the sun''.
(Press Release, 2013)


Vaguely at some point in my childhood my first lip balm was from ChapStick, Strawberry infact. Of course, I thought I was a big girl parading around with lip balm and applying to my lips every 5 seconds. That was many moons ago, and I hadn't purchased another since. Now in 2013 things appear a little different; the packaging has changed but there are now 2 more flavours - Apple and Cherry. I had the pleasure of sampling Strawberry and Apple, which both smell great. 

The Strawberry lip balm was in fact the flavour I had when I was a child. The smell is somewhat a little 'synthetic' but is pleasant enough. The Apple smells lovely, but a bit like the Strawberry a little synthetic. The lip balms are 12g each, have great packaging which are differentiated with colours, ie red = strawberry, deep purple = cherry, apple = green. The lip balms are great for carrying around in your everyday handbag, and as with most lip balms the packaging is your standard twist bottom with manual mechanism to release the lip balm up/down. The Strawberry lip balm contains SPF 10 and the Apple contains SPF 15 which is great for hot sunny days, protect you against the strong UV rays. The ChapStick website claims that both of these lip balms contain ingredients which have been formulated to soothe and nourish whilst preventing moisture from evaporating. However my only grumble with this lip balm is when I looked at the ingredients on the packaging itself, some of the other ingredients aren't nice:

Petrolatum, Paraffin, Paraffinmun Liquidum, EthylhexylMethoxycinnamate, Lanolin . . .to name but a few!

If I am honest, products which contain 'nasties' like this I tend to avoid as they do absolutely nothing for you. They are what I call ''product fillers''; add ingredients which not many people are aware of to bulk out the product, but add a few ingredients which we know are good (ie Vitamin E, Beeswax) and we're none the wiser! I thought seeing as ChapStick have been producing this product for a number of years, the product would have developed and been formulated to be natural. But it appears that it is not the case which is a little disappointing. That said, if you're not at all phased by what ingredients are in ChapStick, then this is for you. If (like me) you check what ingredients are in products before use, then I would suggest perhaps trying another brand.

ChapStick Strawberry* and Apple* RRP is £1.05 and is available from places such as Boots, SuperDrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and many more.

Do you use ChapStick? 


*PR Sample


  1. I used to love using ChapStick too! I bet the Apple flavour is lovely. It's always a shame when they use ingredients that aren't the best x


    1. Serenity of Beauty16 July 2013 16:59

      Yes, the Apple flavour smells lovely. Just a shame the ingredients aren't very nice :/.

  2. Shame about the 'product fillers' but I really used to love ChapSticks and you've reminded me about them again! Your photography is fantastic! xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty16 July 2013 22:53

      Yea, it's a real shame indeed. And thank you :)

  3. Oooh that Apple one looks amazing.
    I'm not a fan of strawberry -anything! (I'm weird as everyone loves it haha), but I LOVE apple.
    It's a shame the ingredients aren't great though :( That would definitely put me off buying it. :(

    Juyey xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty16 July 2013 22:55

      You know, I have a friend who isn't a fan of anything strawberry. But yes deep shame indeed about the ingredients; so reasonable in price, but not a fan of what's used to produce them.

  4. Missy Neveradullmoment27 July 2013 09:13

    It's a shame about the ingredients I usually love body shop but atm I love Carmex