23 February 2015

#mondaymoments | CVs / Speculative Letters / Application forms

Job hunting has to be one of the most stressful and difficult things that I have ever encountered from the age of 16. I have never found it an easy task, I have always had to fight, prove myself that I am worthy of a job. However as I have grown and developed as an individual and spoken to employers, I have gained tips and tricks which I feel has helped me significantly gain full time employment. I am by no means a professional but my job focuses a lot on Recruitment. So here a few things which I feel are important during the 'battle' to securing employment. 

22 February 2015


From the age of 17 / 18, I have had my eye on a pair of shoes which are simply timeless but classic. But I was just about to embark on a 3 year degree at university, and I needed every spare penny. However I said to myself ''One day . . .one day''.

21 February 2015

Herbfarmacy | Exfoliating Cleanser

A few months ago I popped into Whole Foods and headed straight to the beauty aisle. I had run out of my exfoliator so was on the hunt for something new, different that I had never tried before. Unsure of what to try I asked the Sales Assistant and she pointed me in the direction of Herbfarmacy after discussing my skin complaints with her. She swears by this brand and exfoliator (at that stage, I thought hmmm is she just saying that to make a sale? But after a while I began to thought, no this lady is genuine in what she is saying). After spending some time reading the packaging and what it claimed to do, I thought ''What the heck'' and decided to buy.

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