30 August 2015

The Hampton Clinic | Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

Hello all

Gosh it has been quite sometime since I last blogged, but those of you who follow me on twitter will know this past year has been a bit crazy; leaving the family home, buying a property, decorating, changing jobs, babysitting (I now have a baby niece) and etc. As a result blogging has taken a bit of a back seat while I concentrated on life and the ups / downs that come along with it. But I am now back, with a bit of a 'bang'! 

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a tweet that I was contemplating having my Bikini area lasered. I have recently completed treatment with Sk:n  on an area I wanted sorted for years. The treatment has been successful, 80% reduction, however it became quite painful throughout the course of treatment (I had 8 sessions), which made me rethink having my bikini area lasered maybe wouldn't a good idea. However the lovely Ashley over at AshlyLondon told me about a laser I had never heard of before, Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal. She informed me this form of laser is amazing, and is much more suitable / friendly to my skin type which is dark (Afro Caribbean). I immediately 'fired' up my laptop in preparation for in-depth research, and I was amazed at the results and the testimonials from clients all over the world, who had had laser treatment with this machine. 

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal in a nut-shell:

  • Newest and most effective version of the famous Soprano hair-removal laser
  • Award-winning technology
  • Pain free
  • Most effective laser technology available
  • Requires fewer treatments than IPL
  • Delivers consistent hair-free results
  • Safe for all skin colours
  • Can treat fairer hair types
  • Can be used on suntanned skin
  • Fast and effective

After researching and finally making up my mind to go for it, I came across The Hampton Clinic, which is based in Bristol. Although the clinic is not 5 / 10 minutes down the road from where I live, I really did not mind going further afield, seeing as in the long run, it's something that I hopefully will not have to bother or stress over anymore. Before confirming I wished to go ahead with treatment, I spent a good while browsing the website before calling to discuss my issue and book in for a test patch. I also spent some time browsing online forums to read about other peoples experiences whilst undergoing treatment with this device; all of which appeared very positive.

Not sure what the policy is like at other clinics, but when I attended it was free, I was not required to deposit a fee to secure my appointment. It is an opportunity to discover whether or not the treatment would be suitable, discover if my skin would tolerate the laser, a chance to view the clinic and to ask as many questions as I wanted. As with most consultations I was required to complete paperwork; personal information, medical history and what area I want treated, which is fairly standard for any treatment you are intending to do on your body. This was then discussed with the practitioner, who provided a very thorough in-depth consultation, along with recommendations for other minor issues I mentioned. Once that part was done, I was taken into the clinic room and prepared for the test patch.

To begin with I was a little anxious because I did not know what to expect, especially as the Bikini area is incredibly delicate. The practitioner went into get lengths at explaining the laser to me; how it worked, the settings and etc, which gradually did make me feel a bit more settled and less anxious. Prior to attending I did not remove any of the hair, as I wanted the practitioner to see what my hair was like and how thick the hairs are, giving a good indication of what we were dealing with. Before the procedure started I was given a 'sexy' paper-like thong to put on, some glasses to protect my eyes from the laser, a small chunk of the hair was shaved, and aloe vera gel was applied to the area, and off we went! The hand held device, which has a blue tip (which was ice cold) was waved over my skin whilst beeping and flashing, every so often.

Was there pain? What did it feel like?

Due to the hairs on my bikini area being thick, I was informed there will be a bit of discomfort but nothing severe to the point of it being intolerable. I did feel a bit of discomfort, felt like prickling needles, but that was simply because of the hairs being so thick and the laser killing the hair follicle. Different motions were used (figure of 8, back and forth movement, strokes) in a bid to find a method that was comfortable / suited for me. Once finished, aloe vera gel was applied to the area and I was done. I was expecting to be red and sore, but to my surprise the skin looked no different to before the procedure started. Win /Win! I was told to give it 24 hours, see how my skin would react before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the procedure.

Did you know . . .
  • Soprano ice laser can be used on any skin type, including tanned skin
  • You can begin treatment 24 hours after test patch
  • It stops hair becoming ingrowing as it changes the direction of how the hair grows. For example, the bikini area hairs grow curly, they are flat. Once you start lasering they will begin to straight up (which I noticed on my patch test, amazing). 
  • You cannot have laser hair removal over tattoos
  • Two weeks after the first session hairs will begin to fall out (looking forward to seeing this happen)
  • It is imperative to exfoliate . . . exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. 3 times a week with a granulated scrub
  • You can still shave in between sessions, however you cannot wax, pluck or epilate

24 hours had passed and my skin was absolutely fine. No soreness, redness, nothing so I thought ''Brilliant, I can go ahead with treatment'', scheduling in my first session for one weeks time. I did find myself thinking however ''What are you doing, it is so much money?'' but I thought if this is something I have to pay the price for to be happy, more confident in my body, then so be it. Laser hair removal treatment is not a cheap option and can be very expensive depending on what area you are wishing to treat. I have opted for the 'Hollywood' which comes in at Band D; £100 per treatment / £500 for a course of 6. However there are flexible payment plan options which help to spread the cost, which is what I have opted for (4 x £125).

Eeeeek - so at long last an issue which I have battled with for god knows how long is a bout to get sorted once and for all. Bye bye waxing and shaving of the bikini area. Ta-ta.

I will be blogging each session (I have a course of 6), so please do stay tuned for my session updates.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal | The Hampton Clinic


23 February 2015

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