18 August 2014

''It's just a house, but the memories still remain'' . . .#1

 . . . . Boy oh boy . . . . it has been an incredibly long time since I last rambled on here, but if you follow me on twitter than you may have an inkling as to why. 

After 24 years my parents decided to sell the family home. This gave my brother and I no option but to seek a 'roof' over our heads elsewhere. Although we were warned that the house would be sold this year, I honestly had no idea where the heck I was going to go. I had fears that I would end up somewhere not very nice and incredibly unhappy. However I have been incredibly lucky and found a property which is not far from my old home but most importantly I AM ON THE PROPERTY LADDER! I never thought I would be a home owner by the end of 2014, but I have managed to do it. I originally wanted a house, but seeing as it is just me (with my clothes and shoes), an apartment is a good starting point and hopefully in the future I will be able to get the house I long to own.

Due to my circumstances and situation, my parents and I thought the process would be 'plain sailing', which it has been to a certain degree, but now I am stuck at the legal part which my solicitor is busy working her way through. But I am hoping this won't take too long and I will be in the property in the next few weeks (eeek!). But in the meantime I am busy pining after my clothes (I stupidly put all my winter clothes into storage - not clever when it is now starting to get cold), and shopping for little  things I couldn't take from the family home, i.e. microwave, kettle. It is all rather fun however being able to plan/decorate/accessorise how I like without my mum whinging ''Put it back where I put it''.


I will update every so often with how I am getting on with everything to the point of completion/exchange. Hope this blog post hasn't been too boring either.

17 August 2014

NEW! Cuticura Skin + Balance

Afternoon all

So it has been a while since I last blogged . .so much has happened over the past few months which I will update you all on in a different blog post. Anyway during the early part of the summer a package landed on my front door step . . completely unaware as to what it was I was somewhat rather excited to see what was inside. To my surprise I was greeted to a large wash bag (with my name embroided on the side - how cool is that?), and lots of products from the brand Cuticura. Now I associate Cuticura with the hand sanitiser, I had no idea they have branched out into skincare products.

Cuticura have launched products which are targeted at 3 skin types; Sensitive skin, Combination and Oily skin, and Dry skin.

Sensitive Skin
-Free of all fragrance, soap, alcohol and colourants. Blended with gentle relaxing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile, the range helps to calm and soothe irritated and inflamed skin. 

Hydrating Facial Moisturiser* £1.79, 100ml
This moisturiser has been formulated to replenish irritated skin, leaving it calm and soothed. During my teens I use to suffer badly with acne to the point where my skin was sore from using so many products. However now that I am past that stage I very rarely suffer with such skin complaints which made it difficult for me to really discover whether or not this product was doing my skin any good. However that is not to say my skin might decide to 'protest' during the winter months; become sore and dry whereby this product may come back out again for another trial!
Soothing Facial Cleanser* £1.79, 100ml
This cleanser has been specially formulated with Aloe Vers and Chamomile to gentle cleanse the skin and remove traces of make up and impurities. If I am totally honest, this cleanser did absolutely nothing for my skin whatsoever. Hardly removed any make up as the packaging claims and I just didn't find it that great. 

Combination & Oily Skin
-Expertly formulated with extracts of Cucumber and Zinc PCA, to refine oily, shiny and congested complexions. Each product is oil free, working to balance the oil production on the t-zone, open pores and blackhead areas whilst maintaining moisture levels on dull and dry areas. 

Shine Control Facial Cleanser* £1.79, 100ml
This cleanser has been designed to cleanse oily and combination skin to remove all traces of makeup, impurities and excess oil. I personally found this cleanser to be pretty good; smelt pleasant enough to not be off putting, although a little drying afterwards. I did notice a slight reduction in the amount of sebum being produced on my skin, but there was not a huge reduction, which is a shame.
Oil-Free Facial Wipes* £1.79, 100ml
 These wipes are perfect if you are in a hurry and wish to remove stubborn make up and impurities. I don't usually like facial wipes as I find many of them are extremely drying and often leave my skin sore and dry. But these are really good; leave my skin feeling incredibly soft, not taut or sore. They remove make up very well in particular mascara which we all know is an absolute pain to remove. The smell is also very pleasant and not heavily over scented which some wipes can be.

Dry Skin
-Formulated to compliment and work with dry to very dry skin that can often feel tight and uncomfortable with a tendency to be flaky and drhydated. The range is formulated with Vitamin E to improve the skin's ability to retain moisture and protect it against further dehydration or tightness. 

Moisture Boost Body Cream* £1.79, 250ml
This cream is enriched with Vitamin E to boost suppleness and skin elasticity. Non-greasy and easily absorbed formula works to nourish and hydrate. I personally found this cream to be ok, but not brilliant. My skin is quite peculiar in that it needs a good thick moisturiser in order for my skin to stayed moisturised throughout the day. This cream did 1/2 a job for me; kept my skin hydrated for part of the day, but then I found myself reapplying which is not great for me especially if am busy at work! Not only that I was not too keen on the smell; reminded me of cleaning products which is not a scent I wanted to be 'sporting' allday to be honest!

Intensive Hand and Nail Cream* £1.79, 75ml
This cream provides an intensive hand treatment which deeply nourishes to rescue and repair any dry, chapped skin.  Enriched with Vitamin E this Hand and Nail cream seeks to lock in the moisture to give much needed allday hydration. I am obsessed with hand cream; I have a tube in my car, my desk at work, my bed side table and on my car keys! There is not 1 day I can live without hand cream as my hands need it so much. I hate having dry hands in particular the cuticles on my nails which lets face it, can look rather unsightly if not cared for correctly. I found with this hand cream it was pretty good; ensures my hands stayed moisturised throughout the day (without having to reapply several times), and the scent is rather pleasant.

The Cuticura Skin + Balance products are all formulated to target specific complaints we all have; dry, combination/oily and sensitive skin. Each product is created using ingredients which are gentle and kind to skin. The packaging and colouring of the products is simple and informative with sufficient information for the consumer to understand what each product is targeted at. I do however feel the price of the products are extremely cheap which to some may be a good thing. But to the skincare lovers this may indicate that the products are too cheap highlighting that the products are in fact no good. 

Would I purchase Cuticura Skin + Balance skincare products? Only the Oil-Free Facial Wipes and possibly the Intensive Nail and Hand Cream.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this blogpost.

*PR Samples

8 June 2014

After Dinner . . . Setlers Mintees

Ever been out for dinner, over-indulged and then uttered the words ''OMG . .I can't move'', or ''I'm carrying a food baby'', or ''I feel so bloated/so full?'' We've all said it at some point in our lives, and to be honest, it really is not a nice feeling to have at the end of a fab night. However . . the established brand Setlers have created an innovative product that aims to combat that horrid feeling.

Setlers Mintees is a mint that is blended with powerful peppermint oil and spearmint, with a soft crumbly centre. This blend of flavours and textures creates a unique taste which not only freshens breath, cleanses the palate, but also avoids the discomfort feeling at the end of a meal.

I have been trialling this product for the past few weeks and I have to say it is pretty good. When I am feeling full, I quickly suck one of these mints and within 30 minutes or so that horrid 'full' feeling soon disappears. However they are quite hard so you wouldn't want to go 'full throttle' and bite on these immediately! My breath feels fresh and I have found it has deterred me away from eating more food.

The mints themselves come in a packet in a box, which great for 2 things; 1) keeps the mints fresh, and 2) the mints are not rolling out of your handbag, which is annoying. The packet contains approximately 10-15 mints which is a decent amount.

Setlers Mintees RRP £1.29/£1.99 (25g/51g pack), and is available from Pharmacies and Supermarkets nationwide.

Did you know:
Almost half (43%) of the UK adult population regularly experience the effects of over-indulgence.