11 September 2011

Ojon and Origins Event - 6th September 2011

Hello Beautiful People

Apologies this blog post is a tad late, been meaning to do it and get it posted mid week, but internet at home has been a pain. It has now decided to cooperate so here goes.
I was lucky enough (and very honoured) to be invited to the Origins and Ojon event earlier last week.This being my 2nd event, I was very excited to attend and learn more about the brands. I think I spotted some well known bloggers, {hello if you were there :- )} although I wasn't too sure and I also recognised a lady I saw at the Trilogy and Keromask event {hello *waves*:)}. But the quiet individual that I am, I kept myself to myself, looking at products and understanding the focus behind them. The event was very intimate in that it was a small venue, but the lovely PR team put on a wonderful event, packed with nibbles, lovely bloggers and press, product information about both brands which I found all incredibly interesting. So without further ado, I will crack on showing you all some snaps from the event . . .

 {Ojon hair products}

{Ojon hair products; L = Damage Reverse   R = Colour Sustain} - excuse my champers glass ;) 

{Ojon products

{Ojon hair products. From L to R: Damage Reverse, Volume Advance, Dry Recovery, Colour Sustain, Full Detox}

{Damage Reverse}

{Volume Advance}

{Dry Recovery}

 {Colour Sustain} 

{Full Detox}

 {Origins products}

I left the event half an hour early, as I had a coach to catch back home, but I really did have a wonderful evening and I was sorry to have left early. I was given a selection of products to sample, which I am extremely grateful to have received. I have not included a snap of these products, as I don't want to give too much away. But I shall be reviewing those products soon, which I do hope you'll find informative and interesting. 

Hope you've all enjoyed this blog post (apologies if some find it a tad picture heavy).

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  1. I adore Ojon products! Looks like a fabulous event :)

  2. glad you had fun, it looks like there was lots to keep u busy, amazing pics

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. Looks like a great event, I love lots of pics!