2 September 2011

It's all about Boux Avenue

Hey All

So a few days ago whilst going through my blog newsfeed, reading all your blogs, I came across a blog post from the lovely Little-Glitterblog titled 'Putting the oooh in the Boux'. This instantly caught my attention, so I followed the blog post link and began to read.

Tamsin was lucky enough to win a gift card from Boux Avenue, a lingerie company set up by the Dragon's Den businessman Theo Paphitis in April 2011. I am a big fan of underwear (ok not in a weird way), but I like to get new undies/bras every so often as my bras tend to get boring, dull and tatty. Of course, seeing Tamsin's blog post, I immediately proceeded to clicking the link, and boy was I impressed. 

As a person with more than her fair share in the boobage department, I often find it a chore to get bras that fit properly; no spillage over the cup of the bra or at the sides. What bras that do accommodate this problem often want a mortgage to pay for the bras! But on Boux Avenue website, I found the prices for these bras reasonably priced. The cheapest bra (including sale) starts from £8.00 upto £28.00, which lets be honest ladies is a fairly decent price tag. I had a good browse around the website, and proceeded to purchase 2 bras from the sale (Bridgette Embroidered) rack at the cost of £8.00 each (the bras were the same, but I ordered different sizes to see which one fitted better). I specifically opted to purchase sale items, just to test out how good a quality they were being at a reduced price. As with any bra I purchase, I always have to get matching underwear so I opted for matching underwear, which were again in the sale; originally £8.00 down to £3.00 (origami shorts). I then proceeded to checkout, where the shopping experience just got a little better.

Unbeknown to me as my items were in the sale, I got the underwear free! So all I had to pay was the £16 for the 2 bras. Bargain! I then assumed that my postage would be in the region of £3.00 or something along those lines but nope, it was free p&p, bingo another bargain as standard delivery is £3.00. Filled out my delivery information, and then I came to the stage of gift wrapping service, which I immediately thought you'd have to pay for . . nope completely free! I thought as a new company that I am trying out, I took full advantage of this, adding this service to my order. Everything went through nicely and my order was placed. I was emailed confirming my order, I then received another email sometime later informing me of my parcel leaving the depot, and what date my package would be delivered. I also received a tracking number, so I could track my order winging its way to me. I made this order on 26th August 2011 and received it 30th August 2011, which is incredibly quick delivery considering it was bank holiday weekend I placed the order. Arriving on my door step, I quickly signed for it, grabbed it from Mr Delivery Man (poor man lol) and I ran inside, darting straight for the scissors to open the box, and this is what I was beautifully presented with . . . 

{The shorts look huge lol, but they aren't}

Never in my life have I ever ordered anything, and received my goods like this. Ok, yes I opted for the gift wrapping service, and I probably wouldn't have had all this presentation if it was a bog standard package, but nevertheless, it's still beautiful. And the best bit of it all, the petals are scented! Yep, the underwear (along with the sample sachet of hand cream) all smell of flowers; so fresh and just gorgeous. But the most important part of this is ''Does the bra and underwear fit?'' Well you'll be pleased to know the bra fits like a glove. I ordered 2 sizes, as I fluctuate between sizes, depending on the brand, and I have to say the smaller of the 2 I ordered fits so well. My boobs aren't spilling over the top, i'm not coming out at the sides of the bra, and it's just a general nice fitting bra, which is comfortable and has a fabulous wire support. The underwear that I ordered also fits very well; comfortable, good quality and matches my bra nicely.

I have to say that this is one company that I am extremely impressed by; right from the beginning of the ordering process, right upto the point of receiving the goods. Even my mum is impressed by this company, and has become extremely intrigued by the brand, and I sense she too may be putting in an order very soon. I do believe however that there are some of you who aren't keen on bra shopping online, so if this option isn't for you, you may be interested in visiting one of their select stores.

Boux Avenue have several shops located across the country, which can be found at the following places:
  • Blue Water, Greenhithe
  • Lakeside, Grays
  • St Davids, Cardiff
  • Trafford Centre, Manchester
  • Meadowhill, Sheffield
  • Buchanan Gardens,Glasgow
. . .Whether there will be more shops opening in the near future, I have no idea. But it certainly is a company to either visit one of their stores, order from or keep an eye on! I should also point out that Boux Avenue not only sell lingerie, but they also sell swimwear, nightwear and home and beauty products, which are reasonably priced and I can imagine are probably just as wonderful as their lingerie items.

So what do you think - will you be ordering from Boux Avenue? Or are you not keen? Would love to hear what you have to say.

PS: Don't forget to check out Boux Avenue website and become a twitter follower @BouxAvenue
PPS: Don't forget to check out my Caribbean Giveaway here. Still plenty of time to enter and plenty of chances to win.
PPS 2: I have not been paid nor am I affiliated to Boux Avenue. Simply blogging about my experience with Boux Avenue


  1. thats a gorgeous blue colour! I need to place another order, not really for bras but running out of decent knickers fast!!


  2. that's great & the underwear you bought's really pretty! I will have to check out this website soon :) x

  3. Ooh, going to check the site out. I love the packaging, so pretty.

    Sadie xx

  4. Hair and Beautylicious2 September 2011 23:51

    @Jade - they knix I got are very soft and comfortable. I think I too may order some more bits at the end of the month lol

    @lauraL & Sadie - definitely take a look, so so beautiful and very well fitted :)

  5. The website looks great and their service does too. The packaging makes it look extra special which I love :)