28 September 2011

NOTW - Models Own 'Golden Peach'

Hello All

I haven't done many Nails of the Week (NOTW) posts so I thought I would make it compulsory to now do such posts more regularly. 

The majority of you are all probably aware of the 50% sale Models Own had a few weeks ago, which was a wonderful opportunity to pick up fabulous products, inc. nail polishes. Of course I and many more ladies took great advantage of this offer, and proceeded to order lots of polishes. (I did a blog post on my purchases which you can read about here.) This week I have painted my nails using one of the polishes, 'Golden Peach'. 

Originally I was expecting the polish to be a solid orange shade, which I could use for my toes. But to my surprise this shade has come out in an iridescent shade, with a slight shimmer. As you can see from the above picture, the sun has really lifted the colour, giving it a wonderful summery glow, with a slight pinky undertone. I absolutely love this colour, as I can get away with wearing it at work without being told to take it off or go home! -_-

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing some Models Onw 'Golden Peach' or are you not convinced? Really would love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. Sweetaholic Rachel28 September 2011 11:21

    I have this from the 50% off sale they did and I have to say that I really do LOVE it!! xxx

  2. Hair and Beautylicious28 September 2011 13:05

    @Sweetaholic Rachel - It's amazing, isn't it? I love it :)

  3. AngieBeautyBelle28 September 2011 17:56

    So pretty! and you could build it up so it's more solid too, it's going on my wishlist!


  4. Hair and Beautylicious28 September 2011 18:18

    @AngieBeautyBelle - It definitely is a colour that you can build up. What I have is 2 coats on, and it's still not a solid shade, which is ace :).