2 September 2011

A little haul . .

Afternoon All

So I haven't done a haul in a long while, so I thought I would update you all on what I have been spending my well earned (and left over holiday) cash. So here goes . . .  

Popped into HomeSense (similar to that of TKMaxx) with my mum. And of course I darted straight for the beauty products, see what goodies I could find. I came across this 'Dead Sea Minerals body butter' with dead sea minerals and citrus extract, and it smells absolutely divine. It's a 400ml tub and cost £5.99, which many might think is a tad expensive, but I just couldn't resist :P.

My usual perfume, D&G Feminine has become extinct, so I have been on the prowl for something to wear on an everyday basis. Decided to sample these newish fragrances from D&G 'The One' range, and I wasn't too keen at first. But after sampling time and time again, I have warmed to them especially L'eau The One. It's a very youthful, soft, flowery scent that lingers for ages (even my mum likes it and has demanded it for her birthday lol). Department stores and Boots currently have this fragrance (75ml) for £56-57.00. But the bargain hunter that I am, I decided to have a search online, see if I could find the fragrance cheaper, and boy did I get a good lil saving. CheapSmells currently have this genuine fragrance selling for £34.95 for 75ml. BARGAIN!

I have always wanted a pair of pearl earrings, don't know why but I just think they are so chic, girly and different. I came across these lovely earrings from F.Hinds, and I just think they are beautiful. Different from your normal style/type of pearl earrings, and they can work either for everyday or a dressing up evening. These earrings were a tad on the pricey side at £25.00, but I couldn't find anything else unusual, different from the norm. I was also given some advice from the lovely lady who sold me the earrings, which I thought I would pass onto you all:

''Pearl earrings should always be the last thing you put on, and last thing you take off''

I asked the sale assistant lady what she meant, and she said the pearls can react to aerosols/sprays, damaging the pearls in the long run. So to limit that potentially happening, always put your pearl earrings on last (after you've hair sprayed, perfumed and etc), and last thing you take off before you jump into bed. 

I am a big chocolate fan, and when I saw Hotel Chocolat currently have a summer sale, I couldn't resist having a look. I had my eye on this Fizzy Lemonade slab of chocolate for quite sometime, but at the cost of £7.00 I thought it was a tad steep. When I saw it hit the sale for £4.90 for a 200g slab of chocolate, I thought Ooooo and of course I purchased it. I got the last one in the shop, and boy am I glad I got it, as it's delicious. Fizzy Lemonade chocolate is definitely an odd combination, but if anyone remembers the Wonka bars many moons ago (I was kindly reminded of this by 'Toofatforfashion') that crackled in your mouth as you chomped away? It's exactly the same. The chocolate as usual is gorgeous; chocolatey, smooth and ubber yum, and the lemon was very pleasant; not overpowering or too bitter, nice to cleanse the palette :)

 . . . And finally I gave in, yep I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I purchased the palette from Lookfantastic, as I managed to find a 15% discount code, which took my total cost down to £29.75 from £35.00 with free p&p. Not bad I thought. (If you're interested in a 10% off discount code at Lookfantastic, the code is: MYVCHLF103005 expires: 5th Sept 11). 

So that's it. I do have something else to natter to you about, but I am currently waiting the other half of my order to arrive. Once that arrives, will be blogging about it, so keep your eyes peeled. 

PS: Have you entered my Caribbean themed giveaway? Still plenty of time to enter, so get your entries in here

PPS: I am not affilated to any of these brands, I am simply blogging to show you all my lil haul


  1. wow UD and D&G <3

  2. yum! the fizzy lemonade sounds delish :)... love the stuff you got in this haul! ♥

  3. beautygeeek, Lola2 September 2011 12:42

    i have the UD naked palette too, and just love it! Its got to be my fave palette of al time x

  4. I love the earrings they're very pretty.

    Have you tested any of the shades from the UD palette yet? Which is your favourite? :)

  5. Madame Gourmand2 September 2011 14:41

    The body butter sounds great, looking forward to hearing how you get on with it :)

  6. I need to try this l'eau the one.. i'm addicted to the original the one. I wanna try some of that fizzy lemonade but iv had those slabs before and the thought of eating the whole is unbearable because once i start eating it I know i won't stop!


  7. You'll love the Naked Palette. So many looks to be made from it! I adore mine. And you've made want chocolate now. Urgh... lol

  8. Glad you finally caved in and purchased the legendary palette that is the Naked! Trust me, you will love this baby! xo

  9. TheBristolBeautyBlog2 September 2011 23:32

    I hate it when they discontinue perfume! I scour ebay for my fave discontinued one all the time! Good advice about the pearl earring too. xx

  10. Hair and Beautylicious3 September 2011 00:03

    @Kris Beauty - the fizzy lemonade choc. was so delish, that it disappeared faster than I could blink!

    @beautygeek, Lola - this is my 1st palette of any eyeshadows, and I have to say I am impressed

    @Pyrai Beauty - the earrings are just too cute, aren't they? Different I thought :) As for UD, I am yet to test and play with the colours, but so far - I like :)

    @Madame Gourmand - it smells delish. If it wasn't body butter, I wudda eaten it by now :P lol

    @Jade - yes you defintely have to sample this D&G, love it. As for the choc. it didn't last long! (Shhhh lol)

    @LisaClare - I will be reporting back when I have had a play around with the palette at some point soon. Sorry for the chocolate craving lol :P

    @Halima - I already love it :)

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog - Yea, I have found the discontinued perfume, but @ £40-50 I refuse to pay it, considering I use to pay £20! So thought meh will get this 1, and I love it. And the advice on the pearls was interesting, but something I will definitely be doing.

  11. I love you blog and the layout is adorable! Found you on Science of Beauty's Blog Hop :-) Thank you for contributing to my weekend read! xo