19 September 2011

Are you 1 of my favourite blogs September?

Hello Bloggers

How are we all? Hope you're well and not too cold!

Anyway yes, it's that time again - favourite blogs for the month - September. If you are new to my blog and slightly baffled at what this is, I shall explain now. Each month I mention a number of blogs which I enjoy visiting and reading on a daily basis on the 'Favourite Blogs of the Month' tab. This enables people to see what type of blogs I have enjoyed reading and visiting, and it'll help others to find new blogs they may not have come across before. Each month there are always new blogs, no- one is ever featured more than once. So if you don't see yourself this month, fear not as you could be mentioned in the following month.

So here goes. . . are you 1 of my favourite blogs for September? Find out here.
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  1. AngieBeautyBelle19 September 2011 18:37

    I love most of them too :) Must be hard picking new blogs every month though!


  2. thank you so much :)