16 September 2011

Burberry 'Body' Perfume

Morning All
I have been meaning to blog this for ages, but completely forgot, so here it is for you all now.

A few weeks ago, the wonderful blogger Fleur De Force blogged about the new fragrance 'Body' from Burberry. The fragrance has been described as the following:

Body Burberry is a luxury chypre - fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Roses and iris are in the heart, leaning on the base of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla.  (Fragrantica, 2011)

Although I have used and currently have a bottle of Burberry perfume (Touch), I do find some of their products are hit and miss, for me personally. So when the opportunity came to receive a miniature sample of this product, I thought I'd give it a try, so I proceeded to order a sample from the facebook Burberry group.

  . .And my thoughts? I hate it! The smell reminds me of cat pee (ok, I know that is the expression for any perfume we may not be keen on), but this one really doesn't smell good to me. However that is not to say it won't smell nice on someone else, it's just that my body chemistry and this fragrence wont be forming any love relationship anytime soon! I found the fragrance overpowering, and lingered for a while before settling, leaving a musky smell, which I was not keen on, at all. Although I was not a fan of the fragrance, I do love the bottle/packaging; very chic, unique, and ornate. It has a very elegant and neat look, which indicates to me with its unique shape and cut of the glass, its sophistication and wow factor.

Will I be purchasing this fragrance? Errr no (think Churchill insurance dog lol)

If you are interested in sampling this fragrance for yourself, then head to the Facebook group here. 

Cost: £35 = 30ml, 60ml = £55, 85ml = £75
Where to buy: Most major department stores

PS: This is a sample ordered through the facebook group here

PPS: All pictures are that of my own; 2nd picture watermarked with my old blog name, which I can not re watermark, as I no longer have the original. 


  1. I used to be a fan of burburry brit perfume but I don't rate any of the other perfumes that they do!

  2. I got the same sample but I personally didn't think it was that bad - won't be buying it full sized though as I just don't like scents with any musk in them.
    This does smell really differnt on different people though, on me it's quite sweet with fruity tones but on my frind it seemed really heavy! I loved the packaging too!! x

  3. I'm a big fan of Burberry perfumes, so it's upsetting to know that this one isn't good! I've heard a few bad reviews now and I'm really disappointed. Maybe I'll like the smell, who knows :)