23 September 2011

Blog Award . . .

. . .YAY I've been awarded another blog award
'Tell me about yourself award'

The lovely Liz at Aspirations of Glam has given me this award, which I am very honoured to have received. So a big thank you to Liz. 

With all blog awards come rules, which are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
  • Write 7 random things about yourself
  • Spread the love to 15 other blogs (I am going to cheat, and only award 5 - too many fab blogs to mention)
 7 random things about Hairandbeautylicious

1) I have a major fear of flying but still manage to get onto a plane and fly 9-10 hours to the USA last summer, and Jamaica this year and previous years.

2) I own far too many handbags (Ha what girl doesn't? ;p)

3) Former team member of the school athletics team; competing in the 100m and 4x100m, representing my school in the county 

4) I love James Bond (haha) - watched them all :)

5) Hardcore lover of the dessert Tiramisu (nom nom :)

6) Never eaten Curry 

7) I gave up eating McDonalds and drinking Coke 11 years ago

The following 5 blogs that I will be passing on this award to are:

1) Liloo
2) Fashion and Beauty Disaster (Jade)
3) Navilicious Beauty (Nav)
4) Joybunny24 (Joy)
5) The Beauty Scoop (Claire)

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a bit more!

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