29 September 2011

Out and About in London Town . .

Hello All *waves*

So Monday I popped down to London for the day with my mum for a day out. Our main aim of course was visiting Buckingham Palace to see the wedding dress of the Duchess of Cambridge. I did however take a slight detour, and headed off to the wonderful Oxford Street (as you do ;p) in search of some new bits and bobs. I did leave London last night with a few bits, but I will showcase all in a separate blog post. I did however take my camera with me and took some snaps, although not many and photography is forbidden inside the Palace (gutted), so no wedding dress snaps, am afraid. But here the snaps that I did take . . . 


I do love London, so much more busier and bigger with lots of variety in terms of shops, than my hometown. Love it. Hope you've enjoyed these pictures. I will be doing another blog post soon on the little bits and bobs I got from my trip, so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Fab pics :), I love London too xx

  2. Hair and Beautylicious29 September 2011 21:53

    Thanks :). LDN is amazing, I jus love the fact that the place is always on the go - lots of ppl and etc :).

  3. Fantastic pics! I've been to London a few times, love it there! xx