30 September 2011

Bits and Bobs

Hello All

As previously mentioned in my London blog post, I purchased a few little things. I didn't go bonkers (saving my bonkers spending for Christmas lol), but I got a few bits which I liked.
  • Denman hair clip 'Butterfly'
  • Stay on Satin; Tie Bonnet and Edge Bonnet
  • Buckingham Palace pen 'Gold'
  • Korres Lip Butter Mandarin SPF 15 'Rose'
  • Buckingham Palace Room Fragrance 'White Hyacinth'
  • Buckingham Palace Lavender Wash Bag
  • {Not photographed} Neem Oil

Denman hair clip 'Butterfly' £2.49
Earlier this month I visited Paks Cosmetics in Finsbury Park, and I came across this hair clip. I ooo'd and ahhh'd at it for ages, and decided not to buy it. Monday when I went to London, I headed back to the shop and purchased the hair clip (along with some other bits). I am a sucker for anything butterfly like, so when I saw this I had to get it. I am yet to use this in my hair, but I think it's lovely, something different for a change in my hair.

Stay on Satin; Tie Bonnet £2.49 and Edge Bonnet £1.99
In a quest to better my hair; the ends and the sides, I have decided to invest in more satin hair scarfs for when I go to bed. Ok they are not the sexist of head gear for night time, but if it improves my hair and prevents split ends and breakage, I will wear it. I have purchased a few head scarfs from this brand before, and I really do like them. So I have all faith that these two other scarfs will be just a great. All scarfs by the way are satin, which is a lot better for the hair ends. 

Buckingham Palace pen 'Gold' £5.49
Spent the latter part of Monday afternoon at the palace doing the state room tour, and of course at the end of every exhibition and etc is a gift shop. I couldn't help myself but pop in, to see what goodies were on offer. I am not a hardcore Royalist so I didn't leave with bags full of royal plates, mugs and etc, but I did leave with this lovely gold pen. Nothing much to say about it apart from it's slim, fits nicely into a handbag and writes very nicely, with a good grip. The pen also has markings of E II R with a crown, all etched in gold, presented in a black velvet pouch to protect the pen from damage/unwanted scratches.

Korres Lip Butter Mandarin SPF 15 'Rose' £6.00
A few weeks ago the lovely Zoe from 'The London Lipgloss' blogged about 'Korres lip butter v2.0 - in stick form'. I read her blog post and immediately thought I must try and get this lip butter, as I am still trying to find a lip balm that is moisturising. I popped into Liberty in London, and managed to get my mitts on this lip butter. After sifting through the opened and used balms -_-, I managed to find one that wasn't used or open and opted for the 'Rose' stick. The wonderful thing about this lip butter is the tint, moisturising whilst leaving a little colour to the lips, and SPF 15 which I think is just wonderful. 

Buckingham Palace Room Fragrance 'White Hyacinth' £7.95
I am obsessed with my bedroom smelling fresh and pleasant, so when I saw this room spray and sampled it, I just couldn't resist. It is incredibly sweet smelling, so fresh and just a nice scent for a bedroom. It's not strong, heavy or 'choking', just very flowery. I get the feeling however this scent is perhaps inspired from the Duchess of Cambridge wedding bouquet, as one of the flowers in her bouquet was 'hyacinth'. . . . .

Buckingham Palace Lavender Wash Bag £12.95
I saw this wash bag and thought it was so cute (my excuse for everything that day lol), I had to purchase it. I often find when staying at friends overnight, I don't want to lug around my big  travel wash bag, so this I thought for an overnight stay is ideal for your essential bits and pieces. I like the fact that this little wash bag is in my favourite colour (lilac) and I love the zip fob, which has a little crown at the end of it. 

Neem Oil £3.49
As of late, I have noticed my scalp becoming extremely dry which has resulted in dandruff (not nice or pretty). So in a bid to try and combat this issue once and for all, following the advice from some ladies on a hair care forum, I have invested in neem oil. I have used this product today for the first time, and I am not going to lie, it smells dreadful (think burnt tarmac)! But I do hope I get the results I want. (I will blog about my experience in thorough detail soon).

. . .And that's it. No clothes from this trip, but have my eye on a few garments . .so keep your eyes peeled.  Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

PS: I have not been paid nor am I affiliated with Korres, Stay on Satin, Denman or Buckingham Palace. All products have been purchased using my own money.


  1. ooh i haven't seen the rose shade before!! i love it. i want more and more, i've since gone back to liberty and bought some for my friends. i do agree though, they need to revamp the stand, lots of them were a bit mank! xxx

  2. I love the wash bag, especially the little crown zip and the pattern. Looks like the perfect size too xxx