1 January 2014

REVIEW | Mary Kay Cosmetics

A few weeks ago I attended Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and if you don't already know with Platinum tickets and those who are granted press passes, you are given a complimentary goodie bag. The goodie bag wasn't brilliant, but I spotted 3 items from Mary Kay buried at the bottom of the bag.

Mary Kay is an American privately owned by direct sales company that sells cosmetics products directly to its consumers. Founded in 1963 it has since gone on to be one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, with a net profit of USD $2.9 billion (approximately GBP £1.7 billion). If I am honest, I had never heard of this company until a few years ago I was subscribed to one of those beauty boxes and received 2 'teeny weeny' sachets of foundation for dark skin. Of course, not sufficient to cover my entire face, I was impressed by what I had sampled (on my cheek) but at the time there was nowhere to buy the full size bottle of foundation. So to see items from Mary Kay in my goodie bag I was quite a surprise. As mentioned I had 3 items in my goodie bag, 1 being a pack of blotting sheets, but I wanted to concentrate this review on the cosmetics; TimeWise Foundation Primer and the TrueDimensions 'Wild About Pink' lipstick.

TimeWise Foundation Primer 29ml/£14.00

Primers were a product I never use to bother with whatsoever; I thought they were an unnecessary 'fad' to get make up lovers to spend more money. However when I switched my foundation from powder to liquid, I soon realised the benefits of using a primer. Primers, as many of you know are a great way at preparing the skin for the application of foundation, but also 'buffering' away those imperfections to ensure your foundation glides onto your skin smoothly and flawlessly. It also helps to ensure your makeup stays in place and doesn't slide off during the day.

I tried this a few weeks ago with my Chanel Perfection Lumiére and I was pretty impressed with how well my foundation looked. Usually I am reapplying foundation during the evening, but I applied once and that was it. My skin didn't feel or look sweaty (result), or oily (even better). A pea sized amount of this product goes along way to cover the entire face, or the areas you wish to concentrate on. The primer contains SPF 15, suitable for sensitive skin, lightweight and fragrance free. Although I do like the primer, at £14 for 29ml it is rather expensive, if used on a day to day basis. But on the plus side, it does ensure your foundation glides onto your skin well and provides a brilliant finish.

Time Dimensions 'Wild About Pink' Lipstick 3.3g/£14.00

I admit I am not usually one for bright pink lipsticks as they don't suit me, so when I saw the shade of this lipstick I wasn't too keen. However that said, I didn't want to completely 'write off' the shade entirely until I had a good look at it and had the chance to swatch/test it.

First impressions of the lipstick packaging - very impressive, with its silver casing etched with the Mary Kay branding, and a clear push up mechanism (not photographed) that enables you to see the lipstick shade (genius). The lipstick shade has good pigmentation with a satin finish but is a little too bright for me personally, but once teamed up with a nice reddish lipgloss, tones down the shade a little. The formula however is really lovely; buttery smooth texture which simply melts onto the lips, giving moisture. I did notice that once I removed the lipstick from my lips, it left a subtle stain which I also quite liked. 

Considering the cost for a lipstick from a well known brand, the price of this lipstick isn't bad. The formula and pigmentation is really good, the presentation of the product is amazing and so chic. There are currently 10 shades of lipsticks (including this one) in the True Dimensions range. There is however a slightly less fancy range of lipsticks which are only £2 cheaper, with over 20 shades to choose from.

Mary Kay cosmetics give the impression of being a luxurious alternative to Avon. From what I have trialled so far, I am quite impressed with them. However that said, I cannot cast said view amongst all the products sold by Mary Kay. Like Avon, you are able to order products through a Mary Kay representative, however I would 'cut out the middle man', and head straight to the website where you are now able to purchase the products and have delivered right to your front door! In terms of price(s), depending on what you are looking to purchase, some of the items I do feel are slightly expensive for what they are, i.e. primer, as I am pretty sure there is a cheaper alternative that gives the same results on the high street.

On the whole, Mary Kay products are of decent quality; not too expensive or too cheap. I will most likely purchase some lipsticks, but I think that will probably be it.

Will I be purchasing any of the above products? Primer  = probably not, Lipstick = yes (in  different shades).

Have you tried Mary Kay cosmetics before?


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