8 December 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013

Every year I try to attend the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham; it's not far from home (45/50min drive), and it's a day exercising those legs and away from the TV. I was fortune enough to be granted a Press Pass this year, and of course I got very excited at the potential opportunities that would be available to ensure I was able to make the most out of my pass. However either I missed something or completely got the wrong end of the stick but I left yesterday feeling somewhat underwhelmed from the whole experience. This year I went with the lovely Dawn from Whatdawndidinheels, who I must say is such a lovely lady. We had a good day with lots of giggles.

If you've never attended Clothes Show Live, it is basically a beauty and fashion event whereby lots of brands (i.e. Models Own, Rimmel) and boutique/independent sellers descend onto the N.E.C to sell their goods at so say cheap prices. The stalls have a variety of items to cater for everyone's different styles. Having had a browse several times yesterday a lot of the items, in particular clothing wasn't really my cup of tea and resembled that of market clothing sold at prices which you know full well isn't worth the money. That said, the beauty items however were at decent prices, although I know on the last day of the show the prices will be slashed . . dramatically! The 3 years that I have attended Clothes Show Live, I always end up leaving with bags and bags of things I have purchased, this year I left with every single penny (apart from the £10 I had to pay for parking!). But in terms of buying at the show, I left with nothing. Truthfully, I just didn't see anything I wanted and as a result, I decided to be sensible and put my saved money towards my Christian Louboutin shoe fund! 

The Clothes Show Live tickets are currently £28 (standard) +£2 booking fee, £40 (platinum) +£2 booking fee, £25 (students with NUS) +£2 booking fee. If I am being honest, although I have paid platinum prices in the past, this year I do not think it is worth £40 at all. More like £20-25, but I know running costs and etc for the 5 days is not cheap, so i guess they have to make their money....somehow!

Being part of the press, I was expecting it to be really organised, friendly, with some sort of schedule that enabled all to see exactly when would be the best opportunity to meet/greet/interview the famous faces and etc. But instead, it just seemed really disorganised, very 'hush hush' and nobody forthcoming in talking to one another. Don't get me wrong, the welcoming from the girls in the press room was friendly, but other than that, nobody really made conversation after that encounter.

Each year the main fashion theatre holds the main Clothes Show fashion show, and this year the theme is 'A Weekend in the Country'. I quite enjoy this part of the show as it's a nice mix of the fashion/models strutting their stuff down the catwalk, but it's also nice for me to watch some dancing which you all know I love. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures but have selected a few of my favourites for you all to enjoy below. And I have also uploaded a youtube video here of some footage from the show too.

Becca Dudley and Henry Holland

Becca Dudley, Thom Evans (nice body ;-p) and Henry Holland

2013 X Factor Finalists Kingsland Road

(Favourite picture; nice contemporary piece of dance art)

As previously mentioned I left the Clothes Show slightly disappointed. I am grateful for the press pass but I am feeling slightly underwhelmed by the whole experience of being granted a pass. It's definitely a good day out, with family/friends and if you're into 'celeb spotting', then this is right up your street. But in terms of shopping, if you looking for a bargain, don't bother attending in the first few days, go on the last day as that is when sellers are literally giving away things!

Will I attend the Clothes Show next year? Probably not.

Have you ever been to the Clothes Show Live? Are you planning on going this year? Would love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. I went to the clothes show for the first time last year, I did really enjoy it and loved looking round but I would never shell out like £40 for a ticket just to go and spend more there...not worth it!



    1. Serenity of Beauty8 December 2013 22:41

      Completely agree with you.

  2. Oh no! Such a shame people didnt make more of an effort to be chatty etc. I've never been but I've always wanted to go! Ill probably take your advice and go nearer the end :) xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty9 December 2013 21:20

      It was a good day out, don't get me wrong, just would have been nice for people in the press area to be a bit more chatty. But yes, definitely go but if you're after bargains, go on the last day. :)

  3. Woah what a wonderful event! I never attended this. Seems like you had a blast!

    Pssst, I'm coming from last night's chat!

    1. Serenity of Beauty9 December 2013 21:24

      Yes, had a good day out.

      Thanks for commenting :).

  4. I went to CSL 2 years ago, and although I really enjoyed it I don't think it is worth going every year! The best bit was definitely the catwalk show. I think the prices are pretty steep, especially seen as a lot of people with be spending a lot of money to get there and whilst they are there! They did have some pretty good discounts when I was there, but I won't forget when the GHD stylist curled half my hair and left the other half!! I hope you have a better experiecne in the future, it's a shame it wasn't as good this year! :( Rachel x


    1. Serenity of Beauty10 December 2013 23:11

      I didn't go last year, wasn't very well, but prior to that I went 2 years back to back. The 1st year I went, absolutely loved it. 2nd year, meh, and this year I just wasn't sold on it! That side, it is a good day out with family/friends although it definitely it not worth the £40 for Platinum ticket.

      1/2 curled hair? Did she forget, or simply think that was enough for you to make up your mind on the product? lol There were a few people asking if I wanted various things tried, politely said no ta! lol

  5. Enjoyed reading your post, although I enjoyed my time at the CSL I completely understand where you are coming from.
    I paid for the platinum tickets and really do not think it was worth it at all! Was my first time going this year - had a lovely day on Sunday but think if I make next years shows I'll just go standard lol


    1. Serenity of Beauty12 December 2013 22:05

      Glad to hear you enjoyed reading :). I did enjoy it, just expected it to be a bit more 'WOW' for 25years of the Clothes Show (if that makes sense?). .

  6. I completely agree with you! I've been to CSL numerous times, but then took a break for a few years. Went back this year on the last day (yesterday). I felt the exact same way about the clothes, very market stall like! All I came back with were a few goody bags and a bit of nail varnish. You'd expect the fact it's called 'Clothes' Show Live that the focus would be on really good quality fashionable clothes, but unfortunately not :(.
    Hope you get some fab louboutins :P


    1. Serenity of Beauty12 December 2013 22:09

      Yes, and some of the items I thought were so overpriced! :/ When you can blatantly get said items from eBay for a fraction of the price! :/

      And thank you . .the saving might take a while, but worth every penny once in possession of them! :)

  7. I'm so sad I missed it this year! My students and colleagues came back with some good bargains. Especially the Ciate advent calendar which the picked up for just £10!! I was a little jealous lol. I never look at the clothes when I go, like you say, its a bit like market clothing.
    Have a lovely evening
    Sarah-Jayne xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty14 December 2013 23:10

      Ooo I didn't see the Ciate nail polish calendars darn it), but I went on the Saturday and you couldn't move...was ram packed! . .

      And you too, hope you have a good evening and thanks for stopping by. :)