7 October 2013

Dr.Organic | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisture Melt

''. . . An intensely hydrating and soothing moisture melt. Complete body, skin, hair & nails indulgence, an exotic tropical treatment that penetrates easily, helping to rehydrate the deeper layers of the skin''.
(Dr Organic, 2013)

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of oils; I use them on my body, my hair, my nails, I just find them to be so much nicer than some products on the highstreet. Dr Organic is a brand I have seen from time to time when popping into Holland Barrett briefly but not really taking much notice. However the Organic Virgin Coconut oil Moisture melt caught my attention and I decided to give it a try.

First impressions - the outer packaging it is full of information about the product and what it aims to achieve. This I found to be really useful as sometimes product packaging can often be vague and make it difficult to understand what exactly the product does. The use of colours to illustrate the product I quite like, especially the picture of a coconut to demonstrate the product scent. The product itself comes in a glass bottle which I was quite surprised to see, however it does give the product a luxury image. However I believe it is part reasoning as to how best to use the product. At room temperature the product is solid, however once warmed up (I place mine in a jug of warm water) the product turns to a fine oil that is incredibly light and absorbs well into the skin, but smells absolutely gorgeous. The best part of this product is that you can actually use it on your skin, hair and nails which is great.

  • Body - As the winter weather starts to creep in my skin has become incredibly dry (roll on Summer 2014)! As a result, I have had to step up my moisturising and use products that are able to moisturise well but maintain that level of moisture during the day. I placed the glass bottle in a jug of warm water, and took my shower. Came back and the product had almost melted in 5/10mins. The consistency of the oil (once melted) isn't think or watery but is reasonable. Only a small amount is needed as it tends to go along way. I found the oil absorbed well into my skin, leaving no oily residue and it kept my well moisturised throughout the day.
  • Hair - Some of you might be aware but I tend to do a lot of 'pre poo' mixes for my hair (cheap conditioner mixed with either olive oil/amla oil/castor oil/JBCO). Coconut oil I have heard is a great oil to use on the scalp/add to pre poo mixes, which I have found to be very beneficial to my hair. Once washed and dried, my hair feels very hydrated and
  • Nails - The winter weather is a sucker for drying out the cuticles. So dabbing a little bit of the oil to my cuticles, and massaging well (opportunity to push cuticles back) I find this oil to be really helpful to giving my nails some TLC.
As with a previous product I reviewed, Dr Organic's products are all free from parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives. A lot of products I use I tend to always look at what is in them as there are some nasty ingredients, ie petrolatum which does absolutely nothing for the skin/hair. It's what they call 'product filler', giving you the illusion you're getting loads for your money, when actually that is not the case! Since using this product I have had no irritations to my skin at all, which is satisfying to know that it's natural and friendly to skin.

I have been using this product for sometime and quite honestly I can definitely see myself getting another. The product has been really good to my skin; it moisturises well, smells great and lasts an incredibly long time.

Dr Organic Organic Coconut Oil Moisture Melt* 90g RRP £8.99, and is available from Holland and Barrett.

Have you ever tried a moisture melt . .or something similar?

*PR Sample


  1. Nice review, I definitely want to try this product.

    1. Serenity of Beauty15 October 2013 22:31

      Yes, I definitely recommend trying - it's really nice :)