3 August 2013

Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

(Picture is that of my own; taken in Jamaica, 2013)

I LOVE MUSIC . . words simply can not express just how much I love it. My mum often tells me when she was pregnant with me and played the piano, I would often 'bop' around in her tummy. And it is no surprise today that I am very musical; played several musical instruments, have danced since the age of 4, and I am often humming a musical tune of some sort. When I received an email from MoneySuperMarket with the subject title 'Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist', I was instantly intrigued.

MoneySuperMarket are currently running a competition whereby all you have to do is compile a list of all your favourite summer songs to listen to whilst on a journey. This could be on the way to a festival, friends house, work and etc. I often like to mix up what CDs I have in my car and more often than not I tend to make my own CDs, with a variety of songs. This is exactly what I have done for summer, and here is what I currently have playing in my car:

Shaggy feat. Rayvon 'In the Summertime'
 I remember hearing this song when I was about 6/7years old, at a wedding. At first I thought ''Oooo this is catchy'', and I remember everyone getting up to boogey on the dancefloor; children pushed out the way to make way for the adults. In comparison to the original (Mungo Jerry) I have to say this version for me wins hands down.

Kevin Lyttle 'Turn Me On'
I first heard this song one afternoon whilst watching MTV Base. In fact it was a song released during summer. The Caribbean is known for its carnivals during the summer months, and this song instantly reminds me of this. The beat, the colours, it simply is impossible to not shake a leg. 

Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrel Williams 'Drop it like it hot'
I'm not usually a fan of Snoop Dogg music however this has to be one tune I absolutely love. The video itself is plain; black and white, with a lot of beat/bass and odd sounds replicated with the mouth/tongue (click, clock, click clock). This song always reminds me of when I met a friend I hadn't seen for ages in a bar one night; was so lovely to see this friend, buy each other a drink and have a boogey on the dancefloor.

Bryan Adams 'Summer of 69'
This song was released 1-2years before I was born and although I am not a huge Bryan Adams fan, this song always sticks with me. There is a bar in my local town that tends to play old classic songs, and whenever my friends and I go in, guaranteed this song will be played at some point during the night. 

Miguel 'Adorn'
I make no secret of the fact I absolutely love Miguel; his music literally just talks to you. He reminds me of a younger version of Prince. This particular song I play every single day, no joke! It is simply 'thee' most beautiful song I have ever heard. Love it! 

UB40 '(I Can't Help) Falling in Love with You'
As a child I was often my mum's 'little shadow'; whereever she went, I went. I remember one day she took me to the local petrol station to get some Gas and do her car checks (tyre pressure, water, oil), and I remember mum saying ''Stay in the car'', as there were lots of cars about the forecourt. The radio was playing and this particular song came on the radio. I had never heard of UB40 but the beat of the music and tone of the lead singer (Ali Campbell) I absolutely fell in love with.

Simply Red 'Fairground'
I remember my mum use to take my brother and I up to Wolverhampton to visit our Grand-Uncle every weekend. I remember one weekend we were travelling back on the M5, the windscreen was getting a battering from the rain, and I was terrified. I couldn't wait to get home. As we were driving through counties the radio station got fuzzy and my brother was messing around with the stations until we got a clear enough station. He found station and at the time Simple Red's 'Fairground' was playing. Fairground was the first song I ever heard from Simply Red, and til this day, still enjoy listening to.

D'Banj 'Oliver Twist'
A group of friends and I ventured out in to the neighbouring local town to celebrate my birthday. When we go out we're always determined to have a great night, with no drama. One of my friends know how much I love the 'Oliver Twist' song, and to my surprise, it was played in one of the bars we were in (I *smell* she requested it for me!). We all went slightly crackers when it came on, but it's definitely a song you just got to 'work' on the dancefloor, just let yourself go as it were. I also find this is a fab song to exercise too; great for cardio workouts.

Whigfield 'Saturday Night'
I was 8 years old when this was released, it was the craze. Every party I went to this song was played, the DJ would play it over and over and over. It simply wouldn't have been a good party if this song wasn't played. I have great memories of doing this song with my best friend at the time; giggling and having such fun.
(HA I know you're sat there doing the dance routine in your head) 

Vengaboys 'Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom'
The end of the school year was nearing and a new group by the name of Vengaboys were launched onto the music scene. They were somewhat a little quirky, but their music was ever so catchy and always got people up and dancing. I remember going round to a friends house and all we ever did was sing and make up dance routines to this song. That was great fun. 

J C Lodge 'Someone love you honey'
As a child I use to spend the majority of the summer months in Jamaica with my Grandparents. I remember back in 1995 my Grandad use to have a stash of tapes with a variety of songs. However this particular song he would play over and over and over again. So much so it is a song that has stuck with me ever since. The lyrics, the beat, everything about the song I just love and will forever associate my Grandad with it.

Although this has proven to be a fun blog post to compile there is a serious message behind it:

''THINK! research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep or tiredness related. Long journeys on motorways can lead to a lack of concentration and, as well as other preventative measures, listening to songs you love can be a great way to stay alert and focused on the road.''

Hope you've all enjoyed my selection of songs.

I want to know what are your ultimate summer driving playlist songs?

To find out more about the 'Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist', CLICK HERE.

*Gifted £20 from MoneySuperMarket to purchase songs for summer driving playlist

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