23 August 2013

Friday Feature: TwentySomethingBeauty

It's Friday Feature again, and today guest posting is Rachel from 'TwentySomethingBeauty, who will be discussing perfumes. 

I'm Rachel and I blog over at TwentySomethingBeauty, a beauty, lifestyle and fitness blog based in the east of Scotland .Cas has been kind enough to let me blog over here today so here I am with a perfume review!

Now, along with about half the female population I'm sure, I am incredibly fussy about my perfumes. I can probably count on less than two hand the amount of ones I'll actually buy because I like them. Usually I'm a fan of deep, musky perfumes such as Paco Rabanne Black XS or Thierry Mugler Alien, so I was as surprised as my boyfriend when I picked up See by Chloe EDP at airport duty free and loved it! Luckily for me he bought me it as a present, so here I am with my first 'girly' fragrance.

This is a wonderfully light, sweet fragrance that manages to be girly without being overly sickly or too far fruity. It has notes of  Jasmine, Sandalwood and Vanilla which give it that underlying hint of musk that I love, but the creamy vanilla base notes and apple middle notes really come through and keep it feeling summery and fresh! Not too sweet, flowery, or fruity this perfume strike a great balance between all three. This perfume also has a good wear time compared to other perfumes, I can still smell it on me a good 5/6 hours later, which for me is pretty good as most perfumes seem to lose their potency in about 4! I can see why Chloe have marketed it toward the young, urban woman who loves to smell clean and fresh and feel flirty and fun - it's a perfect day date or shopping fragrance and I've had quite a few compliments on it.

See by Chloe retails at £32.95 for 30ml at Fragrance Direct, which is a great price compared to bigger stores!

Thanks again to Cas for letting me post! 


Hope you've all enjoyed the guest post from Rachel today. If you'd like to find out more, keep up to date with what Rachel is up to you can find her at the following places:

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