18 March 2013

What's in my travel handbag? . .

Hello Everyone

So I thought I would do a ''what's in my travel handbag'' as I haven't done one of these type of blog posts before, so here goes . . . .

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my abundance of tweets in the run up to my holiday regarding a handbag. I was specifically looking for a bag with compartments, easy organisation but big enough to take all my junk (ha), but also secure and easy to carry. I searched and searched and searched and found nothing until the day before I was due to fly! I went into Debenhams about a billion times, saw nothing but somehow found this patent croc effect bag by Jasper Conran. The bag has 3 compartments; 1 zip (in the middle) and 2 compartments either side with popper fastening. The bag also comes with a strap so I was able to carry the bag across my body, allowing my hands to be free to carry my suitcase and carry on case. The bag itself is huge; very deep and I was able to fit loads in it and able to keep my handbag tidy (nothing irritates me more than trying to find something in a handbag with no organisation/compartments lol).

Flight Socks
A few years I was investigated for a DVT, following a month or so complaining of leg pain after I had come back from the US. Numerous tests showed I didn't have a DVT (thank god), but from then on I always ensure I have flight socks. They're expensive but they're really good and in the long run potentially save your life!

In a hot country where the sun shines brightly the sunglasses are a must, can't forget those. 

Self explanatory - without those, don't expect to go anywhere! lol (I have two as I am dual nationality!)

Breakfast bar
Whenever I travel whether that be by car, coach, train, plane, I always ensure I have something to nibble on. Sometimes you get held up, where food is really expensive or there is no food outlet so having this bar just keeps me going until I find a shop.

Hair brush/pen
Being on a long haul flight, your hair tends to have a mind of its own, so having this little brush just helps to tame those fly away strands. And a pen is a necessity in my opinion. There is always something that needs to be completed whilst your on the flight; in my case I was asked to fill out a customer survey about the flight and I had to complete the landing card for Jamaica!

HA . . I like Apple products! In all seriousness I had my phone with me to let family members know I had got to the airport safely and etc. However I didn't dare use it in Jamaica as I know I would have a hefty bill at the end of the month.
I specifically purchased an iPad to take with me whilst I was away, and although it was a bit of a dent in my purse, it honestly is the best thing I have purchased. No additional weight from books/magazines/crosswords as they're all on the iPad. Even my mum is impressed with the gadget and now wants one! lol
I love music so of course the iPod came with me, although I didn't really listen to it as much as I thought I would.

Neck Pillow
The pillows supplied on the plane are pants (lets be honest), so I purchased my own several years ago and I am glad I did. The pillow is filled with polystyrene balls, which I find really comfy and you're not left with a 'stiff' neck at the end of the flight. A little expensive, but worth investing in one if you want to avoid the sore neck.

In-flight cosmetic bag
I could have taken loads and loads but I restricted myself to essentials - so here goes. . . 

Cosmetic Bag
I received this little bag free with a Liz Earle order a few years ago, and I find it really good for carrying day to day essentials. It is pretty big inside and surprisingly fits a lot (as picutred above).

I don't know about you but the air conditioning on planes make my eyes and nose run so I make sure I go armed with a pack of tissues.

Hand Sanitizer
I literally cannot leave my house without a bottle of this lurking about in my handbag. And I 'up' my usage of this whilst on the plane, as you just don't know where xyz hands have been before/after opening the toilet door!!

 Well you never know you may endure a small cut whilst rushing around the airport, lugging around suitcases and etc.

I never go anywhere without lipbalm; applying to my lips is a ritual for me throughout the day. The air conditioning on the planes suck every moisture from your body, especially the lips, so I always make sure I have a good moisturising lip balm.

Nails (cuticle balm, cuticle pusher, glass nail file)
To help bide the time I take a few basics with me to treat/look after my nails. Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream I use to apply to my cuticles as they get very dry whilst on the flight. I also take my cuticle pusher to help push the cuticles back and of course my glass nail file to shape my nails. 

Hair ties/grips
I don't know about you but hair ties have a tendency to snap/break on me so I always make sure I have a good stash with me. Also if my hair is down I like to tie it up, as it protects my hair ends and stops getting in my face

For some unknown reason I am prone to pressure headaches when on a flight (anyone else suffer with them?) So I always make sure I have a good stash of tablets with me to help keep the headaches at bay. 

Before the flight comes into land, I like to freshen up a bit so I make sure I have a little can of deodorant and perfume with me.

Mouth Ulcers
I am prone to mouth ulcers (stress) so I try to pack a little tube of the Igloo. This helps to protect ulcers from being sore and causing any further pain whilst it heals by itself (good stuff, better than Bonjela).

Kleenex  oil absorbing sheets
I have oily/combination skin and I do my upmost best to try and calm the oilness my skin produces. Whilst travelling my skin tends to get a little oily so these come in very handy to wipe away the excess.

Sleep Aid
I find it difficult to sleep on planes so I invested in the Elemis sleep balm, which I have used previously and it worked a treat, but for the flight I didn't get a wink of shut eye (I guess it's because I was more excited about getting some sun!)

Hand Cream (not photographed)
 An absolute must for my travel handbag. After washing my hands my hands are so dry so I always give my hands a good lathering with Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream. Smells great and keeps hands well hydrated.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and if you're travelling this summer perhaps it's given you some ideas on what to take.


  1. pinkchick claire19 March 2013 12:56

    Hey chick! I adore your Ipad case! Where's it from? Great post wish I was going away.. and Jamaica?
    WOW ! I have been and it was amazing. xx




    1. Serenity of Beauty11 April 2013 23:21

      It's from eBay :) Really affordable, and protects the iPad really well :)

  2. Good choice of what you would bring, really nice handbag too!