29 March 2013

What have I been buying? . . .

Hello All

So it has been a while since I had a spending 'splurge', as many of you know I was busy saving every penny I had for my holiday. Now that is over (sad times) and my bills and savings have been paid, I seem to have a bit of spare cash burning a hole in my pocket. So what better way to make use of that spare cash but to treat myself.

I Love Coconut and Cream Shower Smoothie' £2.05

I popped into Superdrug to get my eyebrows threaded (yes some stores now offer this service), and I thought I would have a quick 'mooch' around, and I came across this product. I have used the 'I Love' products in the past and quite liked them, and I was in need of a new exfoliator so I thought I'd get this and see what it's like. I will say now that it smells absolutely amazing, but I am yet to find out whether or not it is a fab product. I will review in the next few weeks.

SinfulColors 'Social Ladder 924' and 'Vacation Time 264' £1.99 each
Essie 'Jamaica me crazy' JA $849 (approx. £5.70)

Of course it would be rude of me not to pay Boots a visit whilst in town. I didn't really see much apart from a new stand with nail polishes from a brand called SinfulColors. I have never heard of the brand but there is a large selection of colours and the quality seems pretty good. But whether or not the actual polish stays on the nails for a decent amount of time and etc is another thing. I will come back to you with a review soon. 

The Essie nail polish I found whilst I was in Jamaica at a huge pharmacy called Fontana. I didn't expect to see Essie polish there but when I saw it I instantly made a sharp dash to the nail stand. Of course being such a popular nail brand, they didn't really have many shades in stock. But I did leave with one polish 'Jamaica Me Crazy' - ha Jamaica really was making me crazy! :P I also found the polish to be reasonably priced in comparison to prices I have seen here in the UK which are a tad pricey in my opinion.

Dolce & Gabbana 'L'eau The One £44.99
Chanel 'Coco Mademoiselle £49.50

I have always been a fan of D&G/Dolce & Gabbana fragrances. My first signature scent being 'Feminine' until that got discontinued. But then I discovered 'L'eau The One' and OMG I absolutely love it. But guess what? that too has become discontinued. I have however been quite lucky in that I have found genuine sellers online who still have this fragrance for sale. At £44.99 for 75ml (which is a bargain in comparison to prices I have seen £60 - £70), I can't grumble and it smells fabulous.

Duty free I had a good 'mooch' around and I'll be honest duty free is no longer as cheap as it once was (well I don't think it is anyway). Anyway of course I darted straight towards Chanel and purchased the 'Twist and Spray' 3 x 20ml. I had purchased it before and had tried to get the refills on the highstreet, but I was told by the lovely lady in Debenhams that you can only get this product at the airport. It's quite expensive for what it is, but at the same time it's pretty cute; practical for your handbag and the 20ml lasts quite a long time (and I used it more or less everyday).

Body Shop 'Vanilla Bliss' Body Butter RRP £13.50 - paid £3 each

I am a huge fan of the body shop body butters. I just find them incredibly moisturising and they smell amazing (if you've never tried them, I seriously urge you to). Anyway I always purchased the 'Almond' scented body butter - smells divine, but unfortunately that is a festive body butter that of course only comes out at christmas time. Unable to get the almond, I decided to get the 'Vanilla Bliss' and I kid you not it smells gorgeous. It's not overpowering (like some vanilla products can be), but leaves me skin very soft and moisturised. The body butters some may say are a little expensive, yes they are but if you shop smart and keep your eyes peeled, the body shop always have random sales or discount codes flying around. I used a code and managed to get these butters at £3 EACH - bargain!

Starfish Oils 'Sweet Jamaica' JA$1200 (approx. £8.06)
Kringle Candles '12-hour daylight' candles £2.50

My mum originally came back from Jamaica one year with one of these candles, and I instantly fell in love with it. So of course I searched in a lot of places for this candle whilst on holiday, but couldn't find anywhere until I was in duty free in Jamaica. Saw them in a little shop and immediately snapped up 4 (if I had more space in my hand luggage I would have purchased more lol). These candles smell absolutely divine, and considering they are single wick and quite small, they give off such a strong scent which I kid you not lingers throughout the entire house. 

Kringle Candles I have fallen in love with which I blogged about at the beginning of the year (click here). I just can't get enough of these candles, they really are amazing and so affordable which is even better.

 . . .And finally . . .

LK Bennett 'Moxon' RRP £185 - purchased £50

My local town has a little outlet centre which I visit every so often to see what's going on (usually not much). But without fail, I find myself in LK Bennett having a nosey at the shoes. I originally saw these shoes on the LK Bennett website, but at £185 I thought they were a little pricey. I then saw these in the outlet store for £95, but I thought they were still a little pricey. Went back again yesterday and blow me down they had dropped to £50 - with that price you can't go wrong, so I snapped them up straight away. I usually have a lot of trouble buying shoes, but for some reason LK Bennett shoes fit me like a glove; comfortable, wide enough and look fab on my 'tootsies'.(I also got some leather insoles - free!)

 . . Phew! That was a long post.

Hope you enjoyed reading my purchases and I didn't bore you too long.

Would love to hear what you've purchased lately, or simply link me to your blog post.

Disclaimer: everything featured in this blog post has been purchased with my own 'moolah'.


  1. I saw the sinful colours stand too and fell in love! I've used them before as they were sold in poundland a few months back. Their colours are gorgeous!
    hareem x

    1. Serenity of Beauty29 March 2013 19:58

      Yes, the colours are gorgeous :) Did not know they made a debut in Poundland . .may have to have a nosey .. see if I come across any :P

  2. i love that shoes!!!

    1. Serenity of Beauty9 April 2013 21:25

      Thank you :-)