12 March 2013

Jamaica 2013

**waves** Hello All

. . Yes, I am back home in what feels like a freezer!! After spending 2 weeks in a country with temperatures hitting high 20s, sometimes 30cs then it is certainly a shock to the system!
 Anyway if you're a follower of my instagram then you may have noticed that I was uploading photos from the Caribbean, to which some of you have enjoyed viewing. I asked yesterday if anyone would be interested in viewing more pictures, and I received a very positive response. So here goes . . .hope you enjoy them all.

Hope this blog post wasn't too long and you enjoyed viewing the selection of pictures.

Blogging will resume properly when the jet lag has buggered off!


  1. Gorgeous photos! The infinity pool looks perfect. Some of my fav holiday memories have been in Jamaica. How nice that you get to go and visit family there! x

    1. Serenity of Beauty12 March 2013 19:47

      Thank you :) The infinity pool was amazing - just wasn't warm enough to go in that day :(. But nevertheless, had a fab time at Mystic Mountain :). Yes, I count myself very lucky that I am able to visit this island quite often due to family :).

  2. Amazing photos!! Everything look so beautiful and unique! I'd love to go visit some day! :))


    1. Serenity of Beauty12 March 2013 21:09

      Definitely visit I recommend :) (Not that im biased or anything lol)

  3. Cat @ OutsideBeautyInsideHealth13 March 2013 19:05

    Loved your holiday pictures! It looks like you had an amazing time :D


    1. Serenity of Beauty17 March 2013 01:09

      I had a fab time thank you - did not want to leave at all :( x