3 February 2013

50 Random Facts Tag about Moi . .

I very seldom do tag kinda posts as I don't like to clutter up people's dashboards. But this one I thought I would do as I feel not many of you really know me apart from what I 'jabber' about on twitter. So here goes and I hope you enjoy reading.

1. Passed my driving test first time 
2. Have danced since the age of 4 years old; Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. When I hit 10/11 years of age I started Pointe.
3. I use to play 4 musical instruments; Piano, Flute, Violin and Recorder
4. I can twerk my butt cheeks in time to the Mr Muscle theme tune
5. Graduate in the study of Criminology and Sociology
6. I am a Pisces
7. Both of my parents are Jamaican
8. I love music
9. My inside leg is 34''
10. Chocolate is my weakness (although I am on a 'sabbatical')

11. Fear of flying
12. Lilac/purple is my favourite colour
13. Don't like this number (Yes I am superstitous)
14. Big fan of James Bond
15. Collect teddies (usually from places I have visited, or have great significance in my life)
16. The cold weather and I are not friends
18. Owner to over 70 pairs of socks
19. Phobia of clothes hangers (I use them still, but when it's a mass of them . . .*shudder* )
20. Drinking a pint of water is a must for me first thing in the morning
21. Was my favourite age - had the best year of my life

 22. Don't like cheese/pizza
23. I have 1 brother
24. Flying to the Caribbean on this date later this month
25. I hate bullies
26. Never eaten Indian food
27. Use to have a cat when I was little, but it ran away
28. My Birthday :)
29. I can get my leg behind my head
30. Bad mannered people annoy me
31. I often go shopping on my own; therapeutic and get so much more done

32. Swam with Dolphins
33. Great believer of ''What goes around, comes around''
34. Love wearing high heeled shoes
35. Always singing
36. Chasing a dream career, determined to succeed
37. I love wearing dresses/skirts
38. People who ''dribble'' on the toilet seats - annoy me
39. I have two draws full of underwear (to the point where the draws won't shut)
40. Huge lover of Tiramisu
41. I enjoy walking

42. Huge fan of Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton
43. I am a volunteer
44. I don't like wearing 'batty riders'
45. I am not a huge drinker of alcohol (we have a love/hate relationship)
46. I use to model for Rolls Royce
47. I'm not a 'morning' person
48. I love Athletics
49. I currently have 2 duvets and 2 blankets on my bed (yes, I get very cold at night)
50. My cousin use to be part of the USA 4 x 100 men's relay

 . . . . . Annnnnnnd relax!

Hope you enjoyed reading my response to the 50 random facts tag.

If you've done the tag, put your link in the comment box - would love to read what you've all written.


  1. Sam Hutchinson3 February 2013 22:23

    Loved this, you can never have too many pairs of socks ;-)

    1. Serenity of Beauty3 February 2013 22:39

      Thank you - glad you enjoyed reading :). Hahaha that's very true :-P

  2. Loved this too... You've got to try India food girl, it's soo good.

    1. Serenity of Beauty5 February 2013 00:48

      Yes, it's on my 'must try this year' list :-)