9 October 2012

Nail Polish Haul: China Glaze, OPI

As of late I seem to have gone a little nail polish crazy! However I have now had to put a ban on myself as I literally am running out of space to store them. Anyway before I imposed my own nail polish ban I purchased 2 from China Glaze and 1 from OPI.

(From L to R: China Glaze 'Limbo Bimbo', China Glaze 'Jetstream', OPI 'Aphrodite's Pink Nightie')

I purchased these polishes on separate occasions, and totally forgot they were on the same 'pink' colour spectrum. But I guess in the world of nail polish, no colour is ever the same, so I wasn't too fussed. I often see China Glaze and OPI nail polishes in Sally Salon Service, but unless you have a Sally's card whereby you can get these polishes at a discounted rate, then they are pretty expensive. So what I do is I go in there have a browse of what polishes I want, make a mental note, come home and order online from a trusty seller I use on ebay. This is exactly what I did with 'Limbo Bimbo' and 'Aphrodite's Pink Nightie', and ordered both from ebay which arrived in just under 5 days (impressive US delivery). However I purchased China Glaze 'Jetstream' in the store purely because I had the 'shopping bug' and eagerly wanted a new polish that day to paint my nails with.

*China Glaze 'Limbo Bimbo' (Shimmering Vibrant Pink) - I don't know what posessed me to choose this colour, but it just seems so bright and vibrant, and with autumn/winter now coming in, I thought this would be an amazing colour to brighten up the dull, miserable days. 

*China Glaze 'Jetstream' (A gorgeous frosted pink colour) - I chose this particular colour because I am always on the look out for a pink nail polish that doesn't look streaky/odd on my nails, and I thought this would be a fabulous colour. It isn't too 'in your face' and is quite a nice sutble colour, with flecks of shimmer. 

*OPI 'Aphrodite's Pink Nightie (A glorious shimmering frosted pink lacquer) - this colour caught my eye purely for its cool pink understated tone, with a hint of shimmer. I also thought seeing as October is Breast Cancer Awareness this would be a great colour to wear to work; not bright, or over powering. But clean and tidy leaving the nails looking elegant and fresh.



What do you think? I think all 3 polishes are absolutely gorgeous. The polishes are of a good consistency, the brushes make application to the nails incredibly easy; literally they glid on no problem at all, and the best bit? Hardly any chipping occurred with all 3 of these polishes. I mean I do a lot with my hands in terms of washing, cooking, cleaning, and having done all that my nails look fabulous after 10days+. 

As mentioned above I order my China Glaze and OPI nail polishes from a seller on ebay by the name of 'BeautyZone2007'. I have been ordering from this seller for a good few years now, and I have never had a problem. All polishes I have found on this ebay store are a lot cheaper than in-stores, which you'll see from the polishes I purchased below:

China Glaze Limbo Bimbo - $3.25 (GBP £2.01) P&P $4.50 (GBP £2.80) = £4.81
OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie $5.99 (GBP £3.70) P&P $4.50, (GBP £2.80) = £6.50

As mentioned above I did purchase China Glaze 'Jetstream' from Sallys Salon Service (unnecessary splurge lol), and buying from the store cost £6.65. Minus the P&P costs the polishes from the US are an absolute bargain, don't you think? 

Although I am temporarily suspended from buying anymore polishes, I certainly will be returning to BeautyZone2007 to purchase some more fabulous polishes. 

Where do yo purchase your China Glaze and OPI polishes?

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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  1. They are all gorgeous! xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty9 October 2012 23:49

      They really are gorgeous :)

  2. AngieBeautyBelle9 October 2012 16:16

    Wow super gorgeous!! I haven't had a eBay nail varnish splurge for a while haha don't tempt me ;)

    1. Serenity of Beauty9 October 2012 23:49

      Hahah sorry for the temptation :P

  3. Trying to cut down on my polishes, but now I want all three :P


    1. Serenity of Beauty11 October 2012 23:32

      I know, I have my eye on some from the Skyfall collection, but I am avoiding - being good to my bank card lol :P

  4. I really like the OPI one, such a pretty color!

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Serenity of Beauty16 October 2012 19:43

      It is a gorgeous colour :)