19 October 2012

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

Enrapture . . .Enrapture . . Enrapture . . where do I start? 
End of last year I noticed tweets and blog posts constantly mentioning 'Enrapture'. I thought nothing more of it and turned a blind eye. However after seeing more and more blog posts and hearing people give such fantastic reviews on the brand and its products I proceeded to doing some research.

''. . . The first ever luxury styler to feature three independent heat zones that allow you to encode your look and easily create ringlets, bohemian curls or soft waves and more''
(Enrapture, 2012)

I'm usually not too fussed with heating appliances for hair, but one thing I didn't have was a device that enabled me to have curls, add a bit of style to my hair. I remember when I was about 13/14 my mum got something from good ol Argos book, and the appliance was simply 'pants' because it did absolutely nothing for my hair. So I had been on the hunt for a good styler for a long time, and I finally got my 'mitts' on this earlier this year.

Currys had a sale earlier in the year where a lot of the electrical goods were at reasonable prices, and of course the Enrapture Totem Styler was in the sale. Of course, my local store didn't have any left, nor did any nearby stores. So I reserved one in Bristol Cribbs Causeway, and drove to collect it (I think I must be bonkers). The RRP for this product is £74.99, but I managed to get it for £39.99 which I thought was a decent saving.

The specifications for this product are as follows:
  • Titanium plate technology - super fast heat up, high constant heat, easily styles the thickest of hair
  • Mini Flipper - Titanium plated mini flipper for high heat, mini easily holds hair for tight curls, use as a wand for loose curls and waves
  • Encoder Dial - Unique 25mm barrel features three independent heat zones, each zones features three heat settings, encode different heat combinations for varied curls

Of course, I couldn't wait to get it home and start playing around with it, see what I could do with my 'boring' hair, and I was amazed. The thing I most love about this product is the fact that I can change the 3 different heat zones to create different looks; whether that be tight curls, loose curls, or just simple waves to give the hair some body, texture. As a person with Afro Caribbean hair that is processed straight, I didn't think my hair would take to this product so well but it has.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this product, and I only wish I had invested in it sooner. No matter how stubborn your hair maybe, this 'beaut' of a device will certainly give your hair that style you long for.


Enrapture Encode Totem Styler is RRP £74.99 but currently £38.00 on Next online.

Are you a fan of Enrapture products, or are you not bothered? Would love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. You got a really good deal! xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty19 October 2012 21:44

      Yes, definitely a good deal indeed. Well worth the money :)

  2. I really wanna try theseee! X

    1. Serenity of Beauty13 January 2013 03:11

      They are amazing :)