2 October 2012

Childhood Memories - Song Tag


I very rarely do tags on the blog but when I do it's because I either find it fun or interesting. So when 'Effy Talks Life' tagged me in this tag, I couldn't help but take part. I absolutely love music; have done since I was in my mum's tummy (she said when she use to play piano I use to dance around, more like wriggle lol), so it is no surprise til this day I love music and dance. I am in my mid 20s, so I am going to go back 10+years, and really pick out what were some 'banging tunes' from back then.


1) Michael Jackson 'Will you be there' - I first heard this song when I was about 8 years old and I just fell in love with it. I have no idea why, but it was just a catching song to my little ears that I just enjoyed listening to it. Even when it was sung by Jennifer Hudson at the memorial service of Michael Jackson 3years ago, it still sounded great.
2) Architects ft Nana 'Body Groove' - I was at home one August bank holiday and the BBC were broadcasting live Notting Hill Carnival and I was glued to it. This group came on the stage, and I instantly thought ''Bleurgh, this song is going to be pants'', but to my surprise it was amazing. So much so it was released and actually came #3 in the UK music chart.
3) So Solid '21 Seconds' - During secondary school (high school) Garage music was starting to really make a name for itself, which saw numerous 'crews' releasing songs that were a huge hit. One group in particular which consisted of 30+ members was 'So Solid Crew'. Myself and many others in my year at school absolutely loved their music, and of course '21 Seconds' was the favourite song liked by many. There was always someone in the class who had a tape player (yes, tape lol) with the song on, and with the teachers blessing we often had this playing at the end of class (cool teacher!)
4) 'Spice Girls - Spice up your life' - I remember this song being released because I had just started Secondary school (High school). And of course not really knowing anyone, the school were obsessed with ''bonding'', so insisted on carrying out tasks that made us interact with others. Of course all the girls stuck together and with Spice Girls in their prime, it was only right to do a Spice Girls imitation routine and sing-a-along; Spice up your life was the song we ''butchered'' but nevertheless it was fun.
5) Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' - My cousin who is a few years older than me was a MJ hardcore fan, and I remember going round to his one Sunday afternoon, and saw him with his red cassette player playing MJ songs. At that point I had never seen the video, but was fascinated with the arrangement, style of the music. During the late 80s digital TV, and music videos weren't as readily viewable than it is now. But even now when I see the video it just fascinates me as it is like a movie which is the vision Michael Jackson often had for quite a few of his videos, ie 'Thriller'.

I know the tag is 5 songs, but because I am enjoying this tag so much I have thrown in a few more favourites.

 Jennifer Rush/Celine Dion 'Power of Love'
Celine Dion 'Think Twice'
Beenie Man ft Shawnna and Ms Thing 'Dude'
Jagged Edge ft  Reverend Run 'Lets Get Married' Remix
KC and Jojo 'All my Life'
Shanks and Bigfoot 'Sweet like Chocolate'
Sweet Female Attitude 'Flowers'
Michael Jackson 'The Way You Make Me Feel'
Bob Marley 'Iron Lion Zion'
Mr Vegas 'Heads High'
Morgan Heritage 'Down by the River'

 . . . .And that's it! I could go on forever listing my favourite songs lol But we'd be here for a very long time.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I am not tagging anyone specific, but if you do this tag, please do leave your response/blog post below, and I sure will check it out.


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