A week or 2 in pictures . . .

Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Sunday, March 11, 2012
I was meant to do this post last week, but if you follow me on twitter you will have seen from my tweets that I went out to celebrate my birthday and over-indulged in a lil bit too much wine. As a result, I spent the whole of Sunday feeling very sorry for myself with a thumping headache (lesson well and truly learnt! -,-). So although a lil late, here is my week (or 2) in pictures . . .enjoy!

1) Caught this one evening, and I couldn't help but think it truly was stunning; the arrangement of colours with the sun setting. 

2) Went to London to see my family, and of course we went past Heathrow - I have to admit I hate flying, but when I'm watching (feet firmly on the ground) I do enjoy watching planes coming into land.

3) Coming into London, brother took the wrong turning, but we went past the Coca Cola HQ 

4) Monday evenings I go Tap Dancing. I absolutely love it, and find it to be a great way to keep fit and keep the brain ticking.

5) 28th February I turned the grand ol age of just past the mid 20 mark! I am sort of knocking 30, yet I still feel 18 (and I still get ID'd for lotto!) . . .lol I had a very chilled day and went for lunch with a friend. I went out the Saturday night to celebrate, but I ended up sleeping on a minibus - got kicked out of the club because I was too drunk! -,- (damn you Rosé wine)

6) Prince Harry and Usain Bolt in Jamaica this week doing that infamous pose Bolt is known for on the track.

 7) Managed to get the Enrapture Totem Styler - £39.97, RRP £74.99 - absolute bargain. But I had to travel to Bristol to collect it as my local area had completely sold out!

. . . That's it for this week


FrancesCassandra♥ on 11 March 2012 21:26 said...

:O You do tap dancing?! I never knew haha... I did tap dance for about thirteen years but had to quit when I started uni :( I miss it so much!

Frances x
Twitter: @Francesss__

Sian on 12 March 2012 14:58 said...

That sky photo is gorgeous! x

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