Eau Thermale Avéne Gentle Toner

Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Thursday, March 01, 2012
Just after the festive season, I received some Avéne skincare products which I had never used before, but was willing to give a try. My skincare complaints were taken into consideration and I received a selection of products aimed at problematic skin. 
As with all skin care products I am sampling, I like to give each product 6 weeks as that is when I begin to notice a difference, change in my skin, if any. Today I will be blogging to you all about the Avéne Gentle Toner.

Protective and alcohol - free, the Gentle Toner has been specially developed for dry and very dry sensitive skin. Completes the cleansing step. Enriched in natural silicates, it protects the skin against external aggression without altering the skin's protective hydrolipic film. Paraben free
(Eau Thermale Avéne, 2012)

First impressions of this product; great, nice clear packing which enables you to visibly see the product. You're also able to monitor how much product you have left which is great in ensuring you never run out. The writing, product design, directions for use are all clearly set out, detailing some parts in French (seeing as it is a french brand), which I thought was a lovely touch. The opening of the bottle is that of a flip top with a tiny hole, which if I am honest does make it slightly difficult to get sufficient product onto a cotton pad. 

The product itself is of a liquid consistency which is quite milky. It has a slight scent to it which is lightly fragranced but not too heavy where it's sickly. It also does not leave any sticky residue or feel oily on the skin which is a good thing. However after using this product for 6 weeks, my thoughts on this product somewhat leave me quite disappointed. 

6 weeks has now passed and if I am honest, I haven't noticed any positive change in my skin. What I have noticed is my skin has got worse, and the zits are giving me a very hard time. The product is aimed at those with dry and very sensitive skin, which I suffer with the latter, and to be honest, I found this product to be very very drying, often leaving my skin tight and sore. In order for me to overcome this I had to use a good amount of my moisturiser to try and 'soften', bring back the moisture to my skin .

At first glance of this product, it appears very promising with its neat, clean packaging, but unfortunately for me personally it didn't quite live up to what I expected, and therefore will not see me purchasing in the near future. 

The RRP for this product is £11.50 and is available from Boots

*Although this product is a pr sample, my review, thoughts are that of my own, and are 110% honest, genuine and true.


jennifer june on 1 March 2012 13:10 said...

Aw no this isn't good at all by the sounds of it :( I have used one of their moisturisers in the past and I found it quite good, but that's the thing with skincare, what suits one person can totally mess up another persons skin.. just a case of trial and error!xxx

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