11 February 2013

Nivea Lip Butter 'Raspberry Rosé'

As of late when I go food shopping I seem to find myself heading straight for the beauty products aisles, as quite a few supermarkets nowadays seem to sell products normally found in drugstores at reasonable prices. I had a little 'mooch' around Walmart (Asda to us UK people), and I came across the Nivea Lip Butters. I had seen blogposts crop up from time to time on my blog dashboard about them, but I never really took much notice until now. I saw 'Raspberry Rosé' and 'Caramel Cream', but as there were only 2 left of the 'Caramel Cream' whereby some 'mutt' had stuck their lil mitts into it (so annoying), I opted for Raspberry Rosé. 

''The NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé is an aromatic treat for the lips. It comes in an innovatively designed tin uniting long-lasting moisture and trendy flavours''
(Nivea, 2013)

 First impressions of this product - I love the packaging; so chic, cute and small which makes for fitting into a handbag very practical. Not only is it small, but it's light in weight with 16.7g/19ml of product which will last for a considerable amount of time. The opening mechanism for the lip butter tin is a simple lid whereby you either twist and open or just pull (dependent on your preference). I am not usually one for over sweet products as I find some tend to be too sickly to the point where I end up wiping the product off shortly after applying. But this lip butter is surprisingly very subtle in scent and not overpowering (result!). 

The product itself I am very impressed with. Its consistency is thick and creamy, and I felt that my lips were really moisturised and nourished after applying. I did find that the lip butter was slightly white/pinkish on my finger and left my lips slightly white-ish, but working the product in well that soon disappeared.

Many products I purchase now especially lip butters/lip balms and hair products, I always make sure there are no traces of petrolatum as it does nothing but ''bulk'' out the product! I was very impressed to discover there were no traces of petrolatum in this lip butter, although there are traces of mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum, a byproduct of crude oil), which is a little disappointing. Just like petrolatum mineral oil does absolutely nothing for the part of your body you are using the product. The lip butters contain Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) and Ricinus communis (castor seed oil) which I think is sufficient enough to make a product moisturising and nourishing especially during the colder weather. 

Overall I am quite impressed with this product. It looks great, smells lovely and does a pretty good job at protecting the lips from the weather. The mineral oil is a little annoying, but this product is decent enough to do the job of looking after your lips.

RRP £1.49, and available in Original, Vanilla and Macadamia, and Raspberry Rosé. Best places to find these lip butters are:


Have you purchased any of the Nivea Lip Butters?



  1. LyndseyMaeBeautyBlog11 February 2013 18:46

    I didn't know there was that flavour!!! Mmmmmm I'd love you to check out my blog x

    1. Serenity of Beauty11 February 2013 22:13

      Yes, it's really nice :) I'd be intrigued as to whether they'd launch other scents . . .

  2. I have this and I love it, the scent reminds me of raspberry Starburst. I bought the caramel one too but I gave it to my bf, which he loved, it smelt so lovely, of popcorn, that I think I need one of my own!

    Steph xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty13 February 2013 22:40

      Oooo that's interesting - I associate it more with yogurt lol :) I was going to pick up the Caramel one but I don't know whether I could tolerate the scent on my lips? lol I'd constantly be licking my lips :).