21 September 2012

REVIEW: Illamasqua Volume Mascara 'Nocturnal'

Some of you may remember last December a friend and I went to the Clothes Show Live, where I picked up lots and lots of goodies. I went past the Illamasqua stand and couldn't believe my eyeballs at the deal they had; 3 products for £10 . . .YES you read that correctly 3 products for £10! I took great advantage of this, and picked up a mascara, cream blusher and eyeshadow. I have previously blogged about the cream blusher and eyeshadow which you are more than welcome to go back and read. But today's blog post will be the Illamasqua mascara 'Nocturnal'. 

Out of all the makeup products that can be used on the face/eyes, my favourite has always been mascara. Illamasqua has always been a brand I wanted to try, and the mascaras  appeared to be really nice; very classy and promising to deliver what it set out to achieve. The volume mascara was only available in Lewd (blue colour) or Nocturnal (brown), and as I am one not to indulge in the bright colours, I opted for Nocturnal as I had never had a mascara in this colour.

''. . . .Bring out the power of your eyes. Illamasqua Volume Mascara’s building formula lengthens, thickens and dramatises to extremes. The unique design of the brush ensures fully-loaded lashes, while the smudge-proof formula guarantees that it stays put long into the night. Use your eyes to tease, tempt, tantalise''
(Illamasqua, 2011)


The mascara (I think) is quite small in comparison to others, with 9ml of product. The packaging is pretty basic, with the signature Illamasqua print on the wand and the outer packaging. The wand itself is quite short in comparison to other mascaras, and the brush I wasn't too fond of. That aside the consistency of the product appeared quite thick, but dry, which meant no smudging or mistakes when applying. Below are before and after pictures which are as follows:

 . . . .What do you think? I think the mascara has given my eye lashes some volume, although not a huge amount. The colour which I thought would be quite visible, you can hardly see which I really like. 

Unfortunately Illamasqua Nocturnal has now been discounted, however 'Lewd' is still available at the cost of £15.00! I now regret not buying more of this product because although the volume isn't as great as expected, I do like this mascara and always go back to using it (although I do realise I should part company with it!!!)

I am contemplating returning to Clothes Show Live this year in the hope that Illamasqua will be there . . .and who knows maybe I'll be able to pick up some more bargains on the last day again. . . . 

If you are interested in knowing more about Illamasqua, then click here.

What do you think of this mascara, yay or nay? Have you used Illamasqua voluma mascara before?


  1. I'll have to say it did give you more volume,but I prefer my lashes to be a bit more dramatic, so I am disappointed that there is no black.


    1. Serenity of Beauty24 September 2012 23:46

      Yes, disappointed there is no black, and not much volume. But I still think it's an alright product.