27 September 2012

REVIEW: Etat Pur A20 Zinc Gluconate, A22 Salicylic Acid 300, B06 Purifying Cleansing Gel and B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid

It is no secret that I have problematic skin; blemishes and blackheads. I have tried so many things that I was nearly at the end of my tether, until someone tweeted about Etat Pur a few months ago. I have never heard about Etat Pur, so I proceeded to tweeting and asking about it and doing some research.

Etat Pur is a French brand that specialises in creating formulations that can be tailored to the individual needs. What sets them apart from other brands out there are the 2 sub-categories of products; ''A''  products are known as the Pure Actives which target problem areas, and ''B'' products are known as the Biomimetic Skincare which are your everyday typical skincare products, such as moisturisers, toners and etc.

'' . . . .A brand with a radically new product approach and a truly different spirit''.
(Etat Pur, 2012)

Having taken on board the positive reviews from bloggers and online articles about Etat Pur, I thought I would give their products a try. First impressions on visiting the website I really liked it; very fresh and clean, quite clinical, scientific looking (if that makes sense). The website is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate and I had no trouble at all. Before I could go ahead and order products, I completed a short questionnaire highlighting problem areas I wanted to treat. 

The results were generated tailored to my skin complaints and needs, showing numerous products which I could mix and match to suit. On this occasion I opted to choosing 4 products:    

*A20 Zinc Gluconate - . . . is recommended for its effect on skin blemishes (shine, spots, blackheads...). Their presence is often the result of significant sebum secretion and a disturbance of the microbial flora in the skin.
*A22 Salicylic Acid 300 -  . . .is indicated for various blemishes in acne-prone skin: spots, blackheads, skin blemishes... It is equally suitable for teenagers and people who suffer from occasional acne, in periods of stress, fatigue, hormonal variation or when the weather is hot and humid. 
*B06 Purifying Cleansing Gel - . . . This transparent gel with its fine, light foam gently cleanses the skin, without drying it out. Purified, the skin regains perfect balance day after day. Formula dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested on sensitive skin.
*B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid -  . . .  combines freshness, effectiveness and respect for the skin. Ultra-light and oil-free, its light-as-air texture is immediately absorbed by the skin and does not leave a residual film. Refreshed and soothed, the skin is clean and soft.
(Etat Pur, 2012)

I proceeded to using these products for a month with high hopes they would improve my skin significantly, but unfortunately that was not the case.

The Pure Actives A20 Zinc Gluconate and A22 Salicyclic Acid 300 had received numerous positive reviews, many claiming to have seen a significant improvement in their skin. I hoped I would have the same positivity, but unfortunately I had no change whatsoever in my skin. I followed the instructions carefully, but I saw no improvement which I was very disappointed about. Although I saw no improvement the product was quite nice to apply; sunk in well to the skin and left no messy residue.

On the other hand the B06 Purifying Cleansing Gel I really like, so much so I have purchased another. This product I find very gentle to my skin; it doesn't leave my face dry, parched or irritated, but very soft and smooth. The  B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid I also really enjoy using, and have purchased another since because I really like this product. My face is very oily, and I was beginning to notice my moisturiser of 10years (I haven't had it 10years, just used the same brand for 10years lol), was beginning to make me very oily, and by mid morning I looked like I had done the London Marathon! With this product it is of a gel form which I thought was different, but just went with it; it has a pleasant smell and once applied sunk in really well to my skin, leaving no oily residue. My skin thereafter is very soft, and feels like I have no product on my skin at all.

Etat Pur also offer customers the opportunity of choosing 2 gifts, and a surprise gift completely free with every order. I chose the Melting Moisturising Cream, Micellar Cleansing Water and Light Moisturising Cream. I haven't sampled the two creams, however I have used the cleansing water, which I have to say is amazing. I previously use to use makeup wipes by Keromask, but after receiving this sample and trialling, I will definitely be purchasing the full size. Micellar Cleansing Waters are very big at the moment in the blogging community. 

My experience with Etat Pur I would say has been ok; I am disappointed with the Zinc Gluconate and Salicylic Acid, however I am very pleased with the B06 Purifying Cleansing Gel and B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid. The best thing about Etat Pur products are they are not 'breaking the bank'; they are all affordable, with the most expensive product being approximately £20.00 - bargain!

The Pure Actives - A20 Zinc Gluconate is £8.50, A22 Salicylic Acid 300 is £12.20,  Biomimetic Skincare - B06 Purifying Cleansing Gel is £7.70 B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid is £7.80. Etat Pur also offer free delivery with your first order. And although your order is coming from France the delivery is pretty quick.

If you are interested in knowing more about Etat Pur, click here.

Have you purchased/tried Etat Pur products before?


  1. Oh no, that's such a shame you didn't get on well with the actives :( Funnily enough, I loved the actives but not so much the moisturisers, so I guess it proves how different all our skins are!

    Total love for the Micellar solution; they do one for oily skins too xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty27 September 2012 23:01

      Yea, I was disappointed I didn't get on with the Actives, but I guess what works for one won't necessarily work for another.

      The Micellar solution is amazzzzingg lol Ordering a few bottles soon :)