26 September 2012

HoMedics Tanda Clear + Acne Professional Cleaning System

I often beat on about my troublesome skin over on twitter because it really does get me down, and I am curious to know what other sufferers use/do to combat their acne. I have tried soo many things and nothing ever seems to work for a long period of time. The only option I have not tried are treatments at clinics purely because I have dark skin and I fear a treatment or machine may do long term damage to my skin which would tip me right over the edge (my acne is enough!). Lately I have seen on the high street and online home devices that enable you to treat acne yourself, and today's blog post features one of them; HoMedics Tanda Clear + Acne Professional clearing system .

The HoMedics Tanda Clear + Acne Professional clearing system is a hand held device that claims to reduce redness and inflammation, clear existing breakouts and improve the overall skin condition. The device operates by giving blue light technology, along with a sonic vibration in order to open the pores. It also has a patented massaging treatment head, which combines the trio of acne fighting technologies (blue light, sonic vibration and gentle warming), which feels calming on irritated skin. 

Many users of this device have seen a decrease in blemish size in 24hrs, which I personally find astonishing. After one week users have reported a decrease in the number of blemishes, a reduction in skin redness and oiliness. According to HoMedics users will begin to see an overall improvement of their skin condition, and the decrease in the number of acne lesions (HoMedics, 2012).   


I have to admit I am a little dubious about using this product, but I am willing to give anything a try to beat the 'blighters' from appearing on my face, and leaving blemish marks. Although the product claims to be effective in 24hrs, I will be giving this product maximum 2 weeks trial, to see if the product lives up to its claims.

 . . .Watch this space. . . I will be back in 2 weeks with a results blog post.

If you are interested in knowing more about HoMedics click here. 

So what do you think - would this be something you'd consider, or are you not so sure?


  1. Good luck & I hope this product works. I have a lot of trouble with my skin too.

    1. Serenity of Beauty27 September 2012 00:09

      I am hoping for good results with it too. But I will be reviewing again in a few weeks time, so keep your eyes peeled :)