22 July 2011

Keromask and Trilogy Event - 12th July 2011

AT LAST . . I have been wanting to do this blog post the very same day I returned from the event, but as you know no darn internet. But it has come back (YAY), so I can now tell you all about my first blog event (and what I learnt).

Tuesday 12th July - I travelled to London for my very first event. As with anything new that I've never experienced before, I was incredibly nervous but very excited. The event started at 8:30am, but I left my hometown at 3am! Yes, I left my town at 3am to get into London in time for the event. Although I think I was in London a bit too early; coach got into Victoria Coach station at 6:10am, leaving me with 2hrs and 20mins to find something to abide the time with until the event started. I made my way to Covent Garden, and of course as I was extremely early, I spent the rest of the time exploring; discovering where certain stores were, until the event started at 8:30am.

Bill's Cafe and Restaurant {Source}

Of course, being mega early I was the first blogger to arrive and the ladies from the PR team had not yet finished setting up. However I was greeted by one of the lovely PR ladies, who introduced me to the event, the products and what will be going on. Although to begin with I was nervous, I immediately felt at home and already felt a positive, friendly atmosphere, which I thought was so lovely. I was given a thorough rundown of the products from both Keromask and Trilogy, and I have to say I was very impressed by the information and knowledge given to me by the PR lady who talked me through everything in such detail. After the talk about the brands, and its products, I was shown to the table of refreshments which look was so yummy (I had a croissant and some water; I have a sweet tooth but was too early for cake and fudge ;P)

This was my first event, so I had absolutely no idea what to do, say (or eat ;p lol), and I felt really overwhelmed as there was so many things going on. As you can see from the pictures below are the products from both Keromask and Trilogy, such a wide selection to cater for everybody's different needs; keromask - is for all skin complexions and Trilogy have ranges in face care, sensitive skin, body care, hair care and a new men's section. 



You're all probably wondering . . ''I have never heard of Keromask, who is behind the brand?'' Well I can tell you I honestly did not know myself, until I saw the lady photographed below on the L; Eryca Freemantle.

Eryca Freemantle is a celebrity makeup artist, has worked alongside the team to create this revolutionary range. She has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Yasmin Le Bon and Seal to name but a few. It was during her 20s however that provoked her to create this range. Eryca was involved in an horrific car accident, which left her with over 200 scars on her face, a severely damaged leg and the loss of her hair, which has never grown back. During Eryca's treatment of steroid cream, she was left with a lot of scars and pigmentation, which she wanted to camouflage, and it was from here on that prompted her learn about corrective makeup. 

Eryca and model - demonstration

 Blending unwanted tattoo

Although at first Eryca's main aim was to recreate glamorous looks, more and more people were referring to her, as she began to develop her own techniques for people with the most challenging skin conditions, such as vitilago, lupus, hyper pigmentation, trauma survivors, and tattoos (see above R picture).

''Take a look around and ask the question – is any woman truly happy with herself? What is the definition of beauty? Looking great and feeling great is about knowing yourself''

(Freemantle, 2011).
Eryca's unique approach to corrective/camouflage make-up has been recognized and applauded by many, such as medical professionals, the cosmetic industry, the media and her clients. Keromask is also used worldwide by many from all walks of life, regardless of skin colouring, culture or background.

During the event Eryca was also doing one to one consultations, so I took the opportunity to express my concerns and queries and gain some constructive advice. She also suggested what shade of foundation to wear from the Keromask range, which you will see further down into this post, and how best to work with the product.

Next we have Trilogy . . . 

I'll be honest I had never heard of this company until I attended this event, and honestly? I quite like them. Trilogy was founded in 2002 in New Zealand by 2 sisters (launched in United Kingdom 2004), and in just 9 years they have built their business from a small boutique into an international beauty brand sold in 16 countries including, Australia, Asia, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.  The range initially started off with 5 face products, and they now have over 40 products, which are loved by many customers and celebrities, such as Denise van Outen, Dannii Minogue and Charlotte Church, to name but a few.

Trilogy are best known for their use in natural plant ingredients and have a reputation of producing high performance skincare that is ethically and environmentally responsible. And because of this it is a brand that has won over 20 awards, such as Bazaar Beauty Hot 100, Beauty insider's choice and many more.

Trilogy products are available from many stockists, such as Trilogy, Boots, selected House of Fraser, John Lewis stores, Lovelula, and heath stores nationwide. 

Now onto the products . . . . First I'll start with Trilogy.

In my Trilogy goody bag were 3 products; organic rosehip oil, vital moisturising cream SPF 15 and CoQ10 eye recovery concentrate. I'll be honest I was not for the life of me expecting any samples, but to have received 3 wonderful products, I feel very grateful and thankful to the PR company (thank you all :)).
  • Organic Rosehip Oil - 20ml RRP £16.50 = targeted at scars, wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Face Care: Vital moisturising cream SPF 15 - 50ml RRP £27.50 =  daily nourishment and hydration with UV protection of the face
  • CoQ10 eye recovery concentrate - 7.5ml RRP £25.50 = for brighter and younger looking eyes

{L to R: Organic Rosehip oil, Vital moisturising cream SPF 15, CoQ10 eye recovery concentrate}

I am yet to try any of these products, but what I can say is they smell divine; natural and fresh and you can tell they are not filled with unnecessary ingredients to bulk out the product. However over the next few months or so I will be road testing and blogging about them as I go - so watch this space.

Now Keromask . . .

As Keromask enables you to play with colours, mix and match to fit your skin tone, I was able to take away a variety of products, as my face is darker in some places with blemishes and etc.

 Keromask starter kit - £2.99 each
Unsure of your skin tone? This sample pack enables you to test, try out shades before committing to purchasing the full size product. There are 3 sample kits; light, medium, dark and each contain a selection of shades to suit your complexion, 4 finishing powders, as well as a white and yellow mixer.  

       {L to R: Light, Medium, Dark}
Keromask Foundation - £14.99 each
The range comprises of 24 different shades,ensuring a perfect colour match for all complexions. As my skin is somewhat between 2 shades, I was able to take away 2 foundations from the Dark range as suggested by Ercya; as the beauty with Keromask is you can play with the colours, mix and match until you get the colour to suit. I also picked up the yellow mixer (far R), so I can play around with disguising blemishes on my skin. Each foundation is 15ml and is dispensed using a pump, which I thought was very good. Not only that it's see through, so you can also see how much product you have left before repurchasing. 

{L to R: Dark - no.1, no.7 and Yellow Mixer}

Keromask Finishing Powder - £15.99 each
The finishing powders come in 4 shades; translucent, light, medium and dark ensuring a perfect colour match for all skin types.  The finishing powders are not only a finishing 'coat', but they act as a base, preparation for other dry products, such as eye shadows, blushers. All finishing powders come with a little brush applicator (see below), and there is a mirror in the lid, which I thought was very cute; not obvious, but subtle. 

{Finishing Powder - Translucent}

Keromask Facial Wipes - £4.99
These wipes have been specifically designed to wipe away product thoroughly, leaving no traces of makeup. They are delicate, so those with the sensitive of skin can use it (which I have and they are very gentle indeed). 

{Cleansing wipes}

Keromask products are available from the Keromask website here and for more information on camoflauge cosmetics, go here.

During the event Eryca also did a demonstration on how to apply the Keromask products, ''blend, blend, blend'' (she talked a lot about blending; which is the key to achieving a flawless look). No need to use loads of product, it's all about technique. Below is a short video discussing the blending and also how to find the perfect match of foundation which I found very interesting. (Apologies for poor quality and short video; ran out of memory card space - doh!)


I will leave you with a quote from Eryca:

''When you give someone the means to change something they dislike about their appearance, it doesn't just change the way they look, it changes how  they feel'' (Freemantle, 2011)

 . . WOWZA, that was a long blog post, and I do hope I didn't bore you. I have tried to be as thorough as I can with the event and its products. I will also do blog posts on ALL the products individually at a later date, getting into more depth when I have used them all. But I hope you found it interesting and enjoyable.

Please Note: All products are samples from the beauty event. This review of the day and review in the near future on the products will be that of my honest and genuine opinion. 



  1. It wasn't too long, I read it all without being bored.

    I have one question though, how do you get invited to these things?! it baffles me xx

  2. TheBristolBeautyBlog22 July 2011 19:20

    Wow - sounds like a really interesting event in London. The Keromask products sound really good! xx

  3. looks like so much fun, I have been invited to my first pr event today & i have no one to go with so i'm not sure whether to go! x

  4. Hair and Beautylicious22 July 2011 21:07

    @Kia - I went to LDN on my own, although I did know another blogger that was going. But I say definitely go though; you'll find other bloggers in the same boots as yourself :)

  5. ♥ Sadie ♥22 July 2011 22:59

    Great post, glad you had a lovely time.

    Sadie xx

  6. Madame Gourmand23 July 2011 20:04

    Great post! Looks like a really great event, I'm looking forward to reading your product reviews. x